Hong Kong faces Third Wave and Bans Public Gathering of more than Two

Hong Kong bans gathering of more than two in public places

Hong Kong has announced to ban dine-in services at restaurants and public gatherings of more than two people. More than two people from the same family will not be able to attend a public gathering or visit an eatery for now. The implication of the same has started from Wednesday, July 29. The city has been majorly affected by the coronavirus outbreak and sees no sign of reduce in the number of cases.

Hong Kong recently went through the third round of rule-tightening measures. Matthew Cheung, the Chief Secretary for Administration announced on July 27 that masks will be mandatory for visiting any outdoor space. People with medical conditions will be exempted but must have a report on the same to verify where needed.

Swimming pool and sports venues will be shut along with closed businesses like bars, gyms, beauty parlors, among others. The restrictions will continue for the initial period of one week and then the results will be reviewed.

How is Hong Kong doing in terms of battling the coronavirus?

Hong Kong is the Asian financial center and is facing an economic blow due to the sudden rise of infections. They tried to control the spread locally while it was increasing in numbers in other places across the world. However, the officials are now scrambling to slow down at they go through the third wave of the coronavirus. Hong Kong is also taking measures to improve health care facilities.

On Monday, the city reported 142 local cases. It had more than 100 cases for six days straight through the past week. Before July, the number of daily cases of transmission didn’t go over 28 per day.

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The number of infections from unknown origins went as high as 40% on Monday. It reflected hidden chains of transmission that keep surfacing even with strict social distancing rules.

The government had stopped dine-in services after 6 pm and expanded usage of masks at public transports and even in public indoor venues. The government is not trying to increase the number of tests and facilities of isolation and hospitalization. However, the long span of time that went dodging the coronavirus cases seems to work low right now.

The number of isolation wards and beds in the public spaces has crossed 80% capacity right now. The number of tests being done is also smaller compared to other places in the region, which are also going through resurgences. For example, Australia’s Victoria state.

Unlike a few places filled with young people who are recently getting infected, the current surge in Hong Kong shows the effects of elderly people as well. This is the reason why more and more cases are becoming critical and the restrictions are crucial.


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