How can blockchain technology affect the concept of SEO?

concept of SEO

If you own a crypto SEO site and understand the crypto community, you must have, at some point, thought about this context. According to a blockchain research, the global expenditure on blockchain-related solutions will peak 11.7 billion dollars mark by 2022. And blockchain is on its way to generating about $20 billion in revenue by the end of 2024. By adopting blockchain technology alone, financial institutions could cut their expenses by $12 billion and save more per annum. Above is one of the reasons why blockchain is one of the most debated in any economies financial and tech sector and one of the tops in the world. It has revolutionized every sector, including insurance, finance, health, real estate, and the online marketing sector will not be an exception. The concept of blockchain technology can change both the way we rank our crypto SEO sites and, particularly, the concept of link building. In this blog, you will know about How can blockchain technology affect the concept of SEO.

  • Possibility of smart links:

The smart link is one of the latest concepts that have been introduced to crypto SEO sites ranking using blockchain technology. If you don’t know about this before, here’s your chance. The smart link isn’t much different from the traditional backlink. However, the difference here is that the smart link helps monitor the number of individuals the link has been shared using smart contracts. Once this smart link generates a lead or proportional traffic, the sharer of such a link gets a share of the generated revenue. So, smart links put the creator as gods above their links and how they should be used. 

  • Bye to vague and fluffy contents:

The advancement in blockchain technology would not allow any form of incompetence; neither will it tolerate high keyword density. Crypto sites that have adopted blockchain technology would never have a cause to use vague links for clicks; neither would it use fluff words to make the content much that it should. Instead, it helps to rank higher by preying on your competitors’ weaknesses. So, with blockchain technology, most crypto site owners would most likely ditch the black hat linking technique for the white ones. Having content with the user’s intent is one of the best fits that could happen to any digital manager. On the other hand, the ones using vague content and black hat links might be penalized

  • Introduction of blockchain certificate:

Very soon, users will begin to see the implementation of blockchain technology into the code of crypto site web pages. As this web page integration grows, more content managers and digital managers will incorporate it into their sites. The blockchain community is growing exponentially. Most individuals and business owners do not want to be caught unawares, so they are incorporating this technology in whatever capacity they can afford. This certificate will help sites gain competitive advantages over crypto SEO sites without them. 

  • Transparency:

One of the main reason’s blockchain technology beats any other technological advancement is its level of trust and transparency. On today’s internet, shady links, fluffy contents, and wrong information are rampant. However, this is coming to an end with blockchain technology, as the blockchain ledger would be available to prove content for transparency. Hence, there can be a real division of generic contents from the counterfeits. Blockchain technology has one of the best and most comprehensive processes for openness and proofreading, since no information can escape its grip. Hence, most site owners would rather opt in for a technology of this gravity than the traditional SEO writing and analytics. One of the benefits to this end is that it allows such site owners to command authority in their industry. For other site owners, it allows them to prioritize transparency and trust in their coming campaigns and marketing. Hence, they risk search engines pulling down their sites. 


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