How can you not dread doing chores?

doing chores

Thinking about chores as a huge burden, and the negative feelings that come along with that tend to make people drag their feet about doing the chores they need to. However, not seeing the value in the chores is a huge part of why we dread them.

Most people hate it and dread them.  Doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, and taking the trash out are common chores that could raise your cortisol levels.

Since nobody loves to live in a cesspool of dirty clothes, garbage, dishes, dust, bugs, and eventually disease, learning to take your chores in stride is the only way of keeping your home clean and hospitable.

Remember that the overwhelming effect of knowing you have not done your chores surpasses the displeasure of doing them in the first place. If you wonder where you can get the motivation to do your chores with a smile, then this article is for you.

Sit back and relax and discover some practical steps to make chores more delightful to help you make your place a beautiful, tidy haven. Remember, the quicker you deal with your chores, the faster you can get to things you like such as Jackpot Capital Bonus, or reading that novel you can’t put down!

  1. Set a Timer

Of course, setting yourself a timer does not guarantee that you will love your most dreaded chore, but it does help to get the job done. The timer’s purpose is for observation and awareness, which will allow you to know how much time it takes to complete a given task.

Next time you are hesitant to embark on a dread chore, set a timer; who knows if you might realize that the task is not that daunting as it takes little time to accomplish. When you set a timer, you focus your attention on the chore at hand, which gives you the motivation to complete it to help beat the clock.

A timer allows you to enjoy frequent breaks when tackling several tasks, thus, minimizing burnout and boosting your morale as you see progress in every completed chore.

  1. Document your Efforts

An ideal way of avoiding dreading chores is creating videos of yourself while you are handling a certain task. Videos are a good stimulant of your senses as they motivate you to work hard to finish the task and reward yourself by watching how you got the job done.

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Another benefit of using documented videos is it helps you take the task seriously due to the time-lapse that occupies your phone and minimizes distraction when engaging in chores.

How about using your Snapchat to create videos of you singing and dancing while giving your home a deep clean and sharing it with your friends? This will ensure that you enjoy the task, if not love it and, of course, raise your energy levels.

Another way you can document your efforts is by creating a to-do list of the chores that need to be handled daily and rewarding yourself by ticking against the task accomplished. You can choose to take before-and-after shots of your chores and watch them anytime you find yourself procrastinating a task.

  1. Surround Yourself with Things You Love

You can give your house a makeover by getting rid of things you no longer use nor need in your wardrobe and cupboards. If you love bright colors and classy things, you will find it more rewarding to maintain their durability by keeping them tidy.

Next time you go shopping, make sure to buy the stuff you only love; otherwise, you might get irritated during cleaning. Remember that every item you purchase requires a commitment of time spent washing or maintaining and only purchase you need.

Although surrounding yourself with things you love will not erase the fact that you are doing chores, your time and effort will feel more meaningful. Next time you are about to embark on a task you detest, surround your workspace with things that bring you joy and experience the magic that will turn the chore into a delight.

  1. Dance it Out

Ever heard a common adage ”dance like no one’s watching?” Rest assured, freestyling on your most dreaded chores will give you an instant energy boost and a free flow of dopamine while minimizing cortisol levels in your system.

So, if you find yourself not in the mood to handle your chores, why not treat yourself to the fun tunes of your favorite artist? Just make sure the genre has a fast beat and joyful cadence to help you dance your heart out while embarking on the daunting task.

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The power of good jams while doing chores cannot be underestimated since it makes the task more fun as you can dance out as you clean, making it go much faster, and before you know it, you are done.

Even if the music does not take away the fatigue from engaging in tedious chores, it can soothe the affected nerves. For instance, the vacuum cleaner can irritate your eardrums but dancing it out will dull the sound and allow you to enjoy cleaning your home.

  1. Create a Gratitude Ritual

Being grateful about the things you have to perform tasks for is a perfect way to overcome dreading doing your chores. Begin by reflecting on how appreciative you are for having food to cook and home to tidy, and trash to dispose of.

For instance, some people wait for you to dispose of your garbage for them to get a meal and sleep on the streets with no home to clean. Gratitude will help you avoid grumbling over chores and focus on the universe’s privilege to have these things.

Okay, is it your laundry day? Stop and think about the joy of having clothes to clean and a machine that enables you to do the task. Focusing on the positive energy instead of the task becomes less of a chore but a joyful transformation to make your home better.

Wrapping it Up

Though some people dread and hate chores, they can overcome the dread of doing chores by setting a timer, documenting their efforts, and adopting a gratitude ritual.

Although following the above suggestions may not automatically make you fall in love with chores, it will help you get the job done and have fun. The benefits you reap by doing chores far outweigh the energy and time you use to accomplish things.

Who does not want to live in a clean, safe and healthy home? You surely don’t. Get motivated and excited to put your brain to task and turn chores into fun, and you will accomplish the job.


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