How Can You Pick the Perfect Size for Your Boxing Gloves?

How Can You Pick the Perfect Size for Your Boxing Gloves?

If you’re purchasing boxing gloves for the first time, you might be wondering how you can choose the perfect size while buying boxing gloves. The process can be overwhelming as there are various types and styles of boxing gloves available on the market. Not to mention, the purchasing process becomes more daunting as the boxing gloves come in multiple sizes. 

Choosing high-quality boxing gloves that fit correctly as per the size of your hands is extremely important. Just like other protective gear, the boxing gloves will prove functional when you choose the right size. When you choose boxing gloves of irrelevant sizing, you will not only end up reducing your performance but also the protective factors of the gloves. 

You also need to consider the hand wraps which will protect your hand from tiny injuries. Therefore, you need to choose the size of the boxing gloves depending on various factors. Continue reading the article to know more. 

What Size of Boxing Gloves Do You Need to Purchase?

The weight you choose for the boxing gloves is dependent on your personal preference and uses. The size or weight of the boxing gloves not only depends on the specific type of boxing gloves you’re planning to purchase but also on your hand size and weight. 

To ensure that you’re choosing the perfect size for your boxing gloves, you need to take proper measurements of the weight of your hand as well as the circumference of the dominant hand. 

Once you measure these two attributes properly and decide the specific type of boxing gloves you’re going to purchase, you need to take a look at the sizing chart on our website so that you can find the best fit. If you think the loose option will work best, you need to choose large boxing gloves. On the other hand, small boxing gloves will be more of tighter fits. Make sure you contact Revgear boxing if you want high-quality boxing gloves. 

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What Should Be the Fitting of the Boxing Gloves?

What do you need to look for while trying brand new boxing gloves? One of the most important things you need to consider while trying the boxing gloves is the fitting. The boxing gloves need to fit properly without affecting the blood flow in your hand. As per Vital Proteins, blood circulation is important. 

Make sure you always wear hand wraps before wearing the boxing gloves. Make sure you determine the fitting of the boxing gloves after you wear the hand wraps as improperly fitted gloves will become tighter once your hands are wrapped. 

Your fingers need to move seamlessly even after wearing the hand wraps and boxing gloves. The boxing gloves you choose need to be comfortable. 

How Can You Clean the Boxing Gloves?

Make sure you never put the boxing gloves in the washing machine as they will undoubtedly destroy the internal components of the gloves, especially if you have leather boxing gloves. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe dirt and dust off the boxing gloves. You can use lavender oil as it will disinfect your boxing gloves. 


Now that you know about the perfect sizing of the boxing gloves, make sure you avoid making mistakes while choosing boxing gloves of correct size and fitting. Don’t forget to visit our website if you have any questions.


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