How Debit Card EMI Can Save Your Cash Flow


Making online transactions is one of the day-to-day activities that we carry out. Without proper budgeting and planning, one is bound to spend way beyond what is meant. In a bid to avoid unnecessary spending, many people have resorted to mincing.

The joy of having money comes in having the freedom to get what you want when you want. However, if you do this, you run out of funds quickly. This is why a solid financial plan must be put in place to have a proper cash flow.

Say, for example, you want to a mobile phone, it is most likely to disrupt your cash flow without a sound budget. Except you buy mobile on EMI with a debit card, as I’m about to show you.

There are several tactics for managing one’s cash flow. The truth is not all these principles work for all people; what works in Mr. A’s situation might not work in Mr. B’s. Nevertheless, there are some general facts that one must put in place.

In this article, I will be focusing on how to save cash flow concerning spending using debit card EMI. I would explain how you can buy mobile on EMI with a debit card and still maintain your budget.

Managing Your Cash Flow

One certain fact is that if you don’t watch your spending, you would at one time have nothing to spend. This is true for all cases. Spending is about the most natural thing you can do with money.

Making a substantial budget sometimes is not enough to make one disciplined as regards spending. People go as far as taking extreme measures like getting a fixed bank deposit account, so they don’t spend the money they are not meant to.

This is awesome, but if you ask me, this is for people that have extra cash than they need coming in. What then should someone like me that want to spend on what I need, and yet I still can’t afford them do?

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Getting to put the little funds that come into your account to productive use, either for investment or to get needed goods and services, is an essential step towards good cash flow.

How then do I propose to help you manage your cash flow on the spending end (Sorry, you’d have to find an investment plan that suits you on your own)? It’s simple, and it’s the method I mentioned earlier; debit card EMI.

What is EMI?

EMI is a loan facility, unlike other loan systems that look to exploit your lack. Instead, EMI is designed to satisfy your wants, even in your need.

Short for Equated Monthly Installments, EMI is a credit system where the sum borrowed is used solely for the purpose it is acquired for, usually as payment for goods or services.

An EMI loan is repaid in monthly installments, an equal sum distributed from the total purchase incurred using the EMI payment method according to the number of months in the selected plan. This is done to make repayment of the loan convenient.

With a working EMI plan, you get to shop for items you ordinarily can’t afford due to price. How is this financially smart? Yes! It is smart because you get the pricey things you need at the moment you need them. Just like the classic example, when you buy mobile on EMI with debit card.

This is made possible through Debit card EMI. This is the combination that allows you to pay a part of your bill using your debit card and to complete the payment with your selected EMI payment plan. 

Debit card EMI is the real deal when it comes to cash flow management, as you keep the spending within a budget. You can even buy mobile on EMI with debit card which usually is expensive.

To buy mobile on EMI with debit card means you pay only part for the mobile phone and use your remaining funds to shop for other accessories like earphones, or other needed products.

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How Debit Card EMI Can Save Your Cash Flow

One of the foremost institutions engaged in providing EMI facility to individuals is ZestMoney. This online fin-tech company has a beautifully designed EMI platform that would serve your financial needs to perfection.

To get yourself an EMI deal is as easy as browsing the internet. Once you are logged on to ZestMoney, you can immediately register using your mobile phone number. You then move on to create a profile by filling out the KYC form.

This helps ZestMoney gather crucial details about what you can bear financially. This reflects in your credit limit. Your credit limit is an amount you can conveniently pay in a short duration, judging by your income.

ZestMoney EMI can be effectively utilized along with various platforms that have been integrated. This comprises the majority of online stores and other e-commerce sites that deal in products or services. 

Take, for example, you want to buy mobile on EMI with debit card, then you select one of the dealing merchants affiliated with ZestMoney to get EMI deals on their mobile phones.

After selecting the merchant of your choice, you can fill up your cart as much as your credit limit would allow, this means your budget has been expanded. 

Then you proceed to checkout where you would select ZestMoney EMI under the EMI payment options. This is where you buy mobile on EMI with debit card.

Then you can choose the preferable EMI plan to clear your shopping dues. Any subscription you make would reflect both on the number of months for repayment and also the amount paid per month.

With debit card EMI shopping, you can save your cash flow and still buy the things you need the most. Now, cash flow management does not have to be about not spending. But instead, it is about planning.


Finally, you don’t have to shop for inferior goods in a bid to improve your cash flow or maybe switch to very tight budgets. You can eat your cake and have it with debit card EMI, spend more, and yet not exceed your budget.


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