How do we celebrate World Habitat Day 2019?

How do we celebrate World Habitat Day 2019?
How do we celebrate World Habitat Day 2019?

The United Nations designated the initial Monday of October of each year as World Habitat Day to indicate on the state of our cities and towns, and on the basic liberty of all to sufficient shelter.

The day is also aimed to remind the world that we all have the energy and the obligation to shape the future of our towns and cities.

Every year, World Habitat Day takes on a modern theme to bring scrutiny to UN-Habitat’s statute to promote bearable development policies that assure adequate refuge for all.

How do we celebrate World Habitat Day 2019?
How do we celebrate World Habitat Day 2019?

The theme for World Habitat Day 2018 prevailed “Municipal Solid Waste Management”, which pointed on taking action to deal with the municipal solid garbage management challenge.

The movement’s slogan was “Waste-wise cities”. Solid garbage management is a global problem that influences everyone. The quantity of waste produced by people is growing daily and often amounts to local authorities aa big proportion of their allowance.

Bad solid waste collection and removal can lead to severe health problems from unbridled dump sites and trash burning. It also directs to polluted air and vapor.

Technology has great potential to improve how people live and work, to significantly accelerate efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and address climate change.

Frontier technologies, such as automation, robotics, electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, biotechnologies, and artificial intelligence can transform social, economic and environmental spheres.

They can offer better, cheaper, faster, scalable and easy to use solutions for every-day problems, including waste management.

The task for the future is to harness frontier technologies to achieve sustainable waste management while mitigating their possible adverse economic, social and political consequences.

This year’s Global Observance of World Habitat Day will be held in Mexico City on Monday, 7 October. Celebrations will also be held across the world, including in the capital of Cameroon – Yaounde, Nakuru in Kenya, and Vancouver in Canada.


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