How Does A Gun Cleaning Mat Work?

gun cleaning mat

When it comes to cleaning a gun, you will need some patience and a reliable and sturdy Cerus Gear Gun Cleaning Mat that will prevent your workbench from getting messed up.

Most people do not understandthe importance of investing in a good gun cleaning mat. But when you know, you will automatically realize why you need a cleaning mat is good for your weapon.

Let us find out how a gun cleaning mat works and its uses.

A good gun cleaning mat is always handy and lightweight, which means you don’t have to work in your garage or workshop. You will be free to clean your gun in any part of the house without having to worry about the mess that might follow. These are easily foldable and can be carried within a backpack easily. Plus, these will make your workstation look attractive and organized.

You want your firearm to be devoid of ugly scratches, and guess what can prevent your precious weapon from getting those scratches? Of course, a thick, durable, and strong gun cleaning mat. Cerus Gear Gun Cleaning Mats are made of vulcanized rubber combined with soft-heat-bonded polyester that won’t let your weapon get scratches. Even the good grip of the rubber base prevents your workbench from getting scratches.

Usually, all the components are drawn on the mat owing to which you can confidently dismantle your weapon, clean it, and then again re-assemble it without even the slightest doubt in mind. Also, the mats are not just mats, these provide insights into how firearms work or any additional knowledge that can be very useful for people like you who want to gain knowledge about different firearms.

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Highly non-absorbent gun cleaning mats will not soak up lubricants, grease, oil, or any other harmful solvent such as CPL, and that is why these have a liquid-resistant coating on them. A good gun cleaning mat shouldn’t have impressive soaking capacity because if it soaks up oil, grease, and other solvents, it might transfer the liquid to other objects such as the workbench, the weapon, and so on, making the workstation unclean and a complete mess. Also, the bases of these mats are generally oil resistant that doesn’t let the mat to slip, making them extremely safe to work with.

Maintaining your gun cleaning mat

Cleaning these mats is a breeze because the impurities and other toxins bead up on the surface of these mats allowing you to clean the surfaces with paper towels or wash off the toxins easily.

You don’t have to use paper towels every time you decide to clean your gun. These mats can turn your “messy cleaning affair” into a fun activity.

Some gun cleanings mats come with magnetic parts trays where you can keep the small elements of your gun safe such as pins, springs, and more. So, there is no question of losing even a single component.


Gun cleaning mats are meant to make your life easier, and the cleaning process a lot less mundane and tedious.


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