How Does Crawling And Link-Building SEO Help Your Business Succeed?

link-building for SEO

When it comes to taking your business online, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of to make your business a hit. With every other person coming to Google with their queries, chances are your website might pop up to them if you’ve optimized it correctly. So, what makes a business stand out from a sea of other businesses? It is an efficient SEO planning that incorporates using web crawling and link-building to its advantage. 

If you’re new to the workings of Google and want to understand how your website performs, you can check out WMS SERP API to keep an eye on your website’s progress. 

If you play your cards right and use web crawling and backlinking to your site’s advantage, you will notice positive results in your business. Your website will rank in SERPs and get noticed by millions of potential customers.

How Does Google Work?

Understanding how search engines like Google work and display websites to users can help you by making your websites hit the right note. As you might know, Google is like a search machine that answers any and every query by the user. It organizes all the content on the net according to certain factors and offers only the content that is relevant to a query.

Tools like Whats My SERP helps you in seeing where your website ranks on Google’s result page. To show up high on Google’s pages, your businesses need to put highly optimized SEO content. If your website isn’t found by Google, there is no way that it’ll be found by potential customers. 

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Search engines like Google have three functions:

  • Crawling: Search through the net for content for every URL that they find.
  • Indexing: To organize and store content that is found during crawling. If your website is in their index, it will be displayed when a related query occurs.
  • Ranking: To provide users with the most relevant and original content in an orderly manner, starting from most to least relevant.

What Is Web Crawling?

Crawling is a process in which a search engine discovers millions of webpages on the net using robots. These are called spiders or crawlers. They find updated and new content like images, video, webpage, etc., using links. Google’s spiders start by a few webpages and follow links on websites for reaching new links. In this process, your website also gets indexed, which gets produced on relevant queries.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Crawling link-building?

When you put your businesses online, you want them to get noticed. Getting noticed helps your business to grow and attract customers. Therefore, when a potential client carries out a search, crawling helps them reach your businesses. It gathers information from millions of indexes and produces your webpage according to the query. 

It becomes vital to make sure that search engines can effectively crawl your websites and index them. You want your content and website to be found by search engines, and hence SEO plan for crawling is necessary. When you make sure that your website gets crawled and indexed, you automatically show up in the SERPs. Not to mention, you can easily track the SERP of your website by using tools like WMS SERP checker.

What Is Link-Building And What Is Its Importance?

The SEO formulas in the industry always keep changing, and hence it keeps businesses on their toes to evolve their strategies. Here is where link-building or backlinks, whether through reputable sites or posts, helps businesses stay relevant. If you want to optimize your websites using SEO, you will need to take care of link-building. Tools like WhatsMySERP help you see just how well your websites are doing. 

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Backlinks or link building is a practice where a website mentions another site and links to it. It is a process where you acquire links from the other websites to yours. 

While you might undertake a variety of link-building techniques, it an SEO technique that can truly push your business ahead in the race. It helps Google, as well as the potential customers to gauge how relevant and authoritative your website is. It also signals Google that your website is endorsed by other websites as well.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Link-Building?

Search engines value and rank those websites higher on SERPs, which have quality back-links. Not only does your content hold value, but so do the links that refer to your website. Here’s how your business can benefit from an efficient link-building SEO technique:

It helps build quality

Websites have a higher chance of getting noticed when it ranks higher on SERP. This is also possible by getting high-quality links to your website. Having high-quality links like the ones from, are proven to be way more useful when it comes to building backlinks for your website. It builds trust and helps your business shine in front of people.

It builds confidence

Link-building helps your business get that vote of approval and confidence from outside sources. It shows people how your services can be trusted. 

It sends a lot of traffic 

Link-building not only helps you rank higher but also helps in getting traffic to your website. Getting a link from a popular site that is relevant to your services will increase your traffic and your sales!


An efficient SEO practice involves both crawling and link-building tactics. It can immensely help your business get noticed and hence boost sales. You can track the progress of your website using Whats My SERP and increase your chances of getting higher sales!


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