How Expensive Are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to dentures or fixed bridges. While many factors go into the decision of getting a dental implant, the major factor is the price.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth so they are an investment. But how much do they cost? To find out, we had Dr. Aamir Budhani, a cosmetic dentist in Arlington, Tx help us out. And here’s how much investment dental implants would need.

How Are Dental Implants Made?

 A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or a denture in place. They are made of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body.

Implants are made up of three parts: the implant itself, the abutment, and the crown. The implant is a metal structure surgically inserted into the jawbone to anchor the crown. The abutment is attached to the implant and holds the crown in place. And the crown looks like a natural tooth and is made of porcelain or gold.

Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are a great option for people who have lost teeth due to gum disease, injury, or other reasons. 

Cost Of Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants can be expensive, with the average cost ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 per tooth. There can be a few additional expenses on a case-to-case basis making the final cost of a dental implant up to $4,000. 

Several factors can contribute to the cost of dental implants, including the location of the practice, the type of implant used, and whether or not additional procedures are required(such as bone graft surgery in case of bone loss.)

So to find out how much you need to pay for your dental implant, you need to visit a cosmetic dentistry clinic around you to get an estimate.

Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, dental implants are an advanced cosmetic restoration that lasts your entire lifetime. Dentures and crowns may need to be replaced every few years but an implant lasts forever.

So they are a worthy investment if you wish to get a permanent replacement. If you have lost multiple teeth, you can get an entire arch supported on just 4-6 implants making it cost-effective.

Another huge benefit of getting a dental implant is that it is surgically attached to the jawbone so it prevents bone loss and skin sagging(as usually seen with traditional dentures).

Will My Insurance Cover It?

Dental implants are considered a cosmetic procedure so most insurance plans don’t cover the cost. But dental clinics usually offer financial assistance that allows you to pay the cost in easy monthly installments.

So if you need a permanent replacement for a missing tooth, we highly recommend investing in a dental implant. To more about dental implants in Arlington, Tx, you can visit Dr. Aamir Budhani at Amazing Dental. 

He is highly trained in cosmetic dentistry and has done several dental implant surgeries. So he is the right person to guide you about dental implant surgery. So call his clinic right away or visit his website to schedule your consultation with him.




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