How Fast You Can Cash Out at Online Casinos?


One of the biggest pet peeves players have Cricket ID is the speed of withdrawals. Oftentimes in the past, the casino will process your deposits as soon as the bank clears them, but making a withdrawal is another story. The processing could take up to several days, which was inexplicable considering the modern technology. It was as some magic force allowed money to flow easily in one direction, but made it very hard to come back the same way, like swimming upriver. Fortunately, those days are mostly behind us. Although there are some Online Cricket Betting ID that stubbornly stick to the old ways, they are few and far between and facing a major drain on their player base. Cashing out at online casinos today is both easy and fast. Here is what you need to know about it. 

How To Cash Out at Online Casinos

The procedure for cashing out is basically the same at every online casino, with only a few minor differences. First, you need to log in to your account. Nest, find the “Wallet” or “Cashier” page, depending on how your casino named it. There should be a “Withdrawal” option somewhere on the page. Click on it to see what options your casino offers for cashing out. Usually, you can choose from bank transfers or online wallets, like PayPal or Skrill. Some casinos require that you use the same payment option for both deposits and withdrawals, so you might want to find that out before you initiate cash out. Otherwise, you might be in for some unpleasant surprise. The next step is to enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and that’s it. Your money is now safely on the way to your bank account and all you have to do is wait for it.

Cashing Out Limitations

Some casinos impose limitations on money withdrawals for several reasons. The most common one is wagering requirements. There is also a withdrawal limit, restricting how much money you can withdraw in a single go. Wagering requirements specify how many times you have to wager a bonus you have received before you can cash out. If you have taken a $100 bonus with an x10 wagering requirement, that means you have to make bets in the total value of $1,000 before you can withdraw your money. The reason for this is to prevent players from taking a bonus, cashing it out, and heading for another casino to repeat the process. If that was allowed, casinos would be forced to cancel all bonuses or go bankrupt. Withdrawal limits are designed to stop the extensive drain on casinos’ accounts, depleting them, and leaving them unable to conduct day-to-day operations. It doesn’t mean you can’t have your money, it only limits how much you can take out daily.

The other restriction is the time limit. Basically, it states how many times you can make withdrawals. It was put in place to prevent players from exploiting the withdrawal limit by cashing out every day. All these are specified in the casino’s terms and conditions and that is why it is important to read them and be familiar with the rules beforehand.

Cashing Out Speed

Despite all the modern technology, the speed of transactions is still not instantaneous. Processing your money order will take some time, depending on the type of transaction and the casino’s policy. The usual processing time for transferring money to your credit or debit card is 3 to 6 working days. For bank transfers directly to your account, it will take a bit longer, between five and eight working days. E-wallets are the fastest option, taking between one to three working days. The key phrase here is working days, so if you initiate a transfer on Thursday, you will have to wait until the next week to get your money.

Security Protocols

There are also outside factors that affect how fast you can check out at online casinos, namely security protocols. Mainly, they are put in place to prevent money laundering and other criminal activity. There are also concerns about underage gambling that have to be addressed, which is why most casinos these days require proof of identification from their players. It is usually done via submitting a copy of an ID card or driver’s license and a copy of a utility bill, confirming the player’s address. This may be cause for concern, as you are submitting some sensitive information that can be used to cause you harm. Fortunately, online casinos deal with such information on a daily basis and usually employ top-of-the-line security to prevent unauthorized access to their databases. After all, you don’t want to play in a casino that doesn’t strictly follow regulations, as such behavior often comes back to bite players. You only have to submit your documents once and when done with it, you can relax and safely enjoy playing.,

This information is also used to prevent cases of money laundering, which is a major issue these days. Casinos are already regulated by government agencies, but this adds another layer of checks that can adversely affect the speed of withdrawal. All transactions must be recorded and often even submitted to authorities for checkups and this takes time. Considering that we hear almost weekly about money laundering scandals, these measures are completely understandable. They do cause us some mild discomfort, but at least you know they are enforced for a good reason.  


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