How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Homeowners’ Insurance Market

Homeowners' Insurance Market

The ongoing pandemic’s wrath has not prevented other mishaps from taking place like disasters due to bad weather and so on. However, these catastrophes will continue to take place irrespective of the effects of COVID-19. So, what is the scenario for homeowners and how are they perceiving the homeowners’ insurance market. Let us find out more about the same in the paragraphs that follow. 

Given below are the 3 independent scenarios as to how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the home insurance sector and what are strategies insurance carriers are adopting under the prevailing conditions. 

1. What changes are home insurance carriers witnessing?

It is being observed that the nature of claims that homeowners are filing has changed ever since the pandemic struck. How is it so? Since people are staying back at home to avoid contracting the virus, the incidence of larger insurance claims has reduced dramatically. 

Instead, more claims about smaller damages as those caused by water and minor damages are being increasingly claimed. As far as the larger claims are concerned, the same can be averted since most of the people are staying and working from home. 

As a result, if they sense any bigger damage that is impending, the same can be tackled well beforehand. So, the requirement for larger claims has been reduced. 

If you own a second home, it is quite likely that maintenance expenses for those homes might increase if they are left unattended for longer periods. 

Also, more and more homeowners’ insurance carriers must sell such policies that will enable homeowners or clients to file their claims online. This will also take care of the social distancing norms that are in place currently. 

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You can find out from the San Angelo Insurance firm, whether they are offering virtual insurance services during the pandemic. 

2. What are homeowners looking for in insurance policies?

Homeowners understand the home-buying process has slowed down considerably. As such, there will not be too many people investing in such insurance policies. A homeowner will look for the following when he intends to buy a home insurance policy during the ongoing pandemic. These are as follows-

  • They will want better rates.
  • Must be offered opportunities to compare rates and offers between insurance carriers. 
  • The policy that is being sold must be done maintaining least personal interaction. As such, they must be offered the provision to know the rates and buy policies online. 
  • Most importantly, the homeowners expect that the insurance carrier must be compassionate in their approach especially when many people have lost their jobs or have suffered pay cuts due to many employers curbing expenses. 

3. What difficulties are the insurance carriers’ facings under the prevailing pandemic conditions?

Most of the insurance agents and carriers are missing the one-to-one interaction or to say the personal communication that used to be a crucial part of marketing, especially when selling a policy. 

Insurance agents that have been successful in selling their insurance products are the ones that might continue to thrive in the market



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