How is the USA Preparing for the 2026 World Cup?

World Cup

With the 2022 Qatar World Cup now done and dusted, all eyes will be on the North American preparations for the 2026 edition. The USA, Canada, and Mexico are sharing that event, but most of it will occur in the USA. After the success of the Middle Eastern iteration, the pressure is on to make the next one even more spectacular.

Qatar notably invested 16 times more than Russia on hosting the World Cup, and it took over a decade of preparation. The USA already has a lot of the infrastructure in place but will need to generate hype to get people interested.

State Governments Moving to Make Sportsbooks Accessible

The main reason why countries all over the world are so desperate to host the World Cup is because of the boost it gives the economy. It’s true that host nations must invest a lot of money to put on the greatest show in the sport, but they make this back and more in various ways. Qatar earned more than $1.7 billion from FIFA and also experienced positive cash flows in tourism, including hotels, restaurants, and the purchasing of souvenirs.

The betting industry always thrives during the World Cup, and it’s clear that the USA is taking steps to make this more accessible by the time the next competition rolls around. Various states are now opening for internet bettors, with Ohio one of the latest to join other regions like New Jersey this year. Sportsbooks are taking advantage of this newfound interest in online gambling, with many Ohio sports betting promotions to choose from. These include bonus bets, deposit matches, and a chance to win tickets for sports games. These sites will seek to take advantage of major competitions, and the World Cup could witness a flurry of betting across the nation.

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USA Will Need to Generate a Lot of Hype

The USA has hosted the World Cup before in 1994, and it managed to surprise people all over the globe by putting on one of the most successful tournaments ever. Since then, the MLS has grown massively and interest in soccer across the nation has increased.

Still, research has found that just over half of the country has watched the ultimate soccer tournament before. This means that many people won’t even be aware that the competition is coming here soon, therefore a lot of hype will need to be generated before it starts.

Aside from the greater availability of the MLS, more Americans are getting interested in international leagues thanks to USMNT players playing abroad. The Premier League has had a major boost with Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson recently joining Leeds United. As the captain, Adams has proven to be an excellent ambassador for soccer in the country and will doubtlessly help influence more people to watch.

The World Cup is going to come quickly for North America, and the government needs to put a lot of work in over the next four years to make sure the competition is as good as it possibly can be. A lot of profit can be made from the event, but the marketing will have to be on point to get more American spectators involved.


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