How Machine Learning Gives an Edge to Educational Apps

Learning Gives an Edge

Machine Learning has been the technological game changer of today’s education. It has significantly transformed the teaching-Learning Gives an Edge process by allowing educational apps to become more capable of efficiently understanding the training progress of students. And this paves the way for the development of customized curriculum. With machine learning AI, young students can work independently on their academics and struggling students become more engaged in improving their knowledge retention and study skills.  Majority of the people behind Kids Academy are experienced parents who appreciate meaningful apps that help children enjoy an engaging and prolific learning experience. And this has inspired the company in thriving with an app that delivers creative and high-yielding printable multimedia worksheets for G-2 matched with augmented reality that help students better visualize and appreciate challenging subjects.

With machine learning AI technology, the app is capable of delivering fast real-time feedback to young students – a state of the art feature which efficiently keeps young learners engaged and motivated as they progress through challenging lessons. This is made possible through 200 hours of machine learning input, one thousand hand-picked daily training data, and two highly productive graphic processing units. The said technology allows the app to provide a comprehensive feedback that helps motivate students to correct mistakes on their own and learn further independently. 

Online connections via webcam aren’t easy. It takes creativity to keep the brains of students stimulated. Online teaching needs you to use unique skillsets. It demands more patience than if you want to teach someone in-person. To make learning online easier for you and your students, use interactive learning materials such as children’s learning games, worksheets and videos. 

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How It Works- Learning Gives an Edge

Kids Academy offers a full spectrum of about 3,000 interactive worksheets covering key lessons and topics on various core subjects in preschool and elementary. These include mathematics, ELA, science, social studies, arts, and even chess. These worksheets can be easily filled out through digital handheld devices such as a smartphone and a tablet or directly through our website. Some of the interactive digital worksheets offered are the Moon Journal which assists children in familiarizing the different moon phases, Beginning Sound tasks for reading and writing development, and the Community Maze game which sharpens memory while building focus and concentration. 


 Once a child has successfully completed the task, a check button can be clicked to allow the app’s program to analyze the child’s input and verify its correctness with the aid of its database of training examples. As mentioned earlier, the network receives as much as one thousand hand-picked training data which helps improve and secure the program’s accuracy. What’s even better is that it delivers comprehensive feedback which includes an easy to understand explanation paired with a motivational message. 

Furthermore, the technology allows young learners to accomplish printed worksheets by hand and acquire verification through the phone’s back camera. And with a weekly comprehensive report, parents can remotely monitor and assess their children’s learning progress without compromising their busy schedules. And that’s state of the art machine learning technology in a very accessible and user-friendly app to help kids learn and improve their study skills.



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