How many questions are there in the 350-401 exam?

the 350-401 exam

ENCOR the 350-401 exam is a core exam of CCNP which gives you a professional networking cert so that you can upgrade your career with a professional certification. People strive for this CCNP certification because they know the importance of this certification and how it can help them get ahead of the game. Over the past few years, CCNP has become a hot topic among network professionals. And 4 out of 5 networking professionals want to attempt the exam to uplift their networking journey. But the bad thing is that they don’t know much about CCNP and how it is conducted. So, to help everyone out there with CCNP and every piece of information related to this, we are here! If you are planning to take the CCNP certification enterprise exam, stick to it till the end and don’t forget to share it with your networking friends and colleagues. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

What is the ENCOR (300-401) exam?

 CCNP certification stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional. This cert is for network engineers who have experience in professional networking practices. This cert has two main exams. One is the core exam, and the other one is the enterprise concentration exam. The ENCOR exam consists of approximately 100 questions, and time duration of 120 minutes is given to the candidates to attempt the questions and pass the exam.

What is included in ENCOR (300-401)?

Cisco Encor (350-401 encor) is an exam of 120 minutes duration. This exam is associated with CCNP and CCIE, in which the candidate is tested for his/her knowledge of the implementation of core enterprise network technologies. The list of core enterprise network technologies include

  • dual-stack architecture (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Virtualization
  • network assurance
  • Automation
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
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Like all other Cisco exams, ENCOR gives you a certification. Before your 8-hours hand on labs for CCIE enterprise wireless and CCIE enterprise infrastructure. Before taking the exam, you must know that it is not an entry-level examination. All the core topics are covered in this exam, so you have to perform brilliantly.

How long is ENCOR valid?

Once you pass ENCOR, it recertifies your CCNP for three years. But keep in mind that only a successful ENCOR exam will recertify your CCNP for three years. 

What is the paper pattern for ENCOR?

ENCOR consist of approximately 100 questions, sometimes less or more. You have to attempt all questions in 120 minutes. The questions are in the form of multiple-choice questions and some drag and drop questions. Luckily, there are no labs in the ENCOR exam. 

What is the cost of the ENCOR exam?

ENCOR costs approximately $400 for the people residing in the United States. But the cost also depends on the area of living. So, if you are not in the USA, the price may vary for you in your region. 

Some tips and tricks to pass ENCOR (300-401)

The people who want to earn a CCNP cert are looking forward to having some tips and tricks from the CCNP certs professionals about how they can pass ENCOR. That’s why we brought here a list of the tips and tricks that can help you perform the best in the exam and secure your future. So, without delaying any further, let’s have a look!

Make a study pattern:

According to research, the people who study without any plans mostly have to face disappointment in the exam. It is because they don’t study with a clear pattern. So, whenever you are planning to attempt ENCOR, make sure that you already have the syllabus, learning material and schedule. These core components will help you prepare your level best for the exam. 

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Make combinations:

Once you get the syllabus for ENCOR, you have to make a combination of the subjects or topics that are on the list. After making combinations, strictly follow the schedule and study each combination every day so that instead of studying one topic per day, you can learn a couple of topics a day. It will help you increase your learning pace, and you will be able to cover more topics in a limited time. 

Record yourself:

A good practice can be to record your voice and listen to it yourself. It will not only help you learn the topic, but also, you will remember your voice, and it will help you in the exam. A good practice can be learning your topics the way you learn songs. Listening to your recorded voice will stay in your mind for a long time. 

Make structure and outlines:

When you are preparing for ENCOR, don’t forget to make structure and outlines of the topics that you study. It will help you revise the learning objectives of the topic that you just studied. Also, the outlines better fit the brain, and you can remember them for a long time. So, making outlines will help you remember what the topic is about. 

Read aloud:

One of the best practices of preparing for ENCOR is to read aloud. No matter where and when you are studying, make sure to read aloud so that nothing in the surrounding can disrupt your focus. Reading aloud will help you cut off the voices in the surroundings, and you can better focus on your work. 

Find a professional tutor:

Guidance is the most important and crucial thing in ENCOR. Only an ENCOR passed professional can teach you better about the environment of the test. So, finding the best tuition for your prep is important. 

Where to find the best ENCOR prep team?

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