How Much Can a Beginner Make on Forex?

Make on Forex


Many people find the Forex market appealing, but most of them are scared of it because of its complexity and unpredictability when first learning about it. After all, no one can genuinely give a rookie trader reliable earning projections and forecasts. However, everything is in order when it comes to hazards, which are self-evident. First of all, a beginner should choose a reliable platform, such as CopyTrade, for successful traders and for a great start in buying and selling.

The Specifics of Earning on Forex

The specifics of earning on Forex are that here, the level of income cannot be fixed and depends on a large number of factors. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of stories about how people have earned $1,000, $10,000, and other significant amounts on Forex almost from scratch. 

Deposit, leverage, currency instruments, trading platform functionality, a competent trading strategy, and successful risk diversification are the basic parameters that determine a trader’s earnings. But Forex is a global currency market, which means that it is subject to global trends. That is, it is important for a successful trader to know what is happening around. 

How to Start a Beginner on Forex?

The deposit is one of the key parameters that determine the income of a Forex trader. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that profit in the foreign exchange market is usually considered a percentage, and not specific figures. Moreover, the percentage of profit for each category of traders has its own subjective assessment indicators. So, beginners consider 1% per day a very small return, and traders of the world’s leading banks consider the same 1% simply huge.

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The main factors that affect a trader’s earnings are the size of the deposit and the amount of leverage. Also, of conceptual importance are the success of the forecast and the correct assessment of the general economic situation in the world; however, these components are directly related because, just by analyzing the state of the world market, a trader makes forecasts. But direct earnings, in any case, are determined by the deposit. That is, the more you invest, the more you can get.

The Main Factors for Making Money on Forex for Beginners

As for the factors that determine the stability of earnings on Forex, here’s what you should pay attention to:

  • Choosing a broker. Experts are sure that choosing the right broker is almost half the success because the trading instruments that a trader can use, the amount of leverage, types of accounts, opportunities for risk diversification, etc. depend on the broker.
  • Choosing the right broker is important for forex trading because they provide the tools and resources necessary to make successful trades. A reliable broker will offer you a wide variety of trading options, competitive spreads, and tight spreads, as well as access to reliable market data. Additionally, there are websites such as  and that provide reviews and help traders find the best brokers. As well as providing advice on trading strategies and risk management, they can also provide guidance on other issues.
  • Deposit management. Beginners are not recommended to use large leverage and immediately the entire deposit. Here, you need a deep calculation of risks so that in case of failure, you always have enough funds in your account to continue active trading.
  • Risk minimization. Working with several trading instruments, opening a number of lots at the same time, and obtaining up-to-date market analytics. The Forex market provides a lot of opportunities to reduce risks, and for stable earnings, you need to use them all.
  • Psychological readiness. A trader must clearly understand that any of their lots can not only win but also lose. They must be prepared for the fact that they can lose several lots in a row. Willingness to take risks and psychological stability protect against rash decisions.
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Mistakes that Prevent Beginners from Making Money on Forex

Forex earnings largely depend on how well the trader understands what they are doing. In the vast majority of cases, losses or errors in a trading strategy are due to the fact that the trader did not take into account any aspect, did not understand something, or misunderstood something. Therefore, here are the main mistakes of novice traders:

  • Start trading with a large amount. This is one of the most common mistakes. In Forex, in the first weeks and even months, a trader is categorically not recommended to work with a deposit of more than $100. Often, due to inexperience, people immediately lose their entire deposit and leave the Forex market, although they clearly had potential.
  • Trading on intuition. This is the second most common mistake. Sometimes, novice traders consider themselves literally “the smartest and most cunning,” believing that forecasts can be made on intuition. And a successful trader really needs intuition, but the basis of success is still a constant study of the mechanisms of the market and self-study.
  • Striving for quick profits. The higher the profit and the shorter the period of its receipt, the greater the risk. For a novice trader, this is especially critical. You need to clearly understand that Forex brings income at the start gradually, and it will increase, but over time.

Forex Risks

Earnings on Forex are associated with high risk, and it is impossible to completely eliminate it. This applies not only to Forex but to any investment in general. There is only one risk in Forex — to lose the bet, and the higher the bet and the greater the leverage, the greater the probability of loss. 


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