How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Private Jet?

Charter a Private Jet

Private jets are becoming an increasingly popular method of air travel. As the epitome of luxury air travel, they offer peerless comfort, a wealth of conveniences, and a high degree of exclusivity. What’s more, the price of charter a private jet and flight may be lower than you expect, especially if you take into account the luxurious benefits associated with cruising the skies in ultimate style. 

No matter where you plan on traveling to, if you want to know what the average private plane cost would be, read on below for a concise overview of all the procedures involved, some notable benefits of charter a private jet or flight, as well as some important context to keep in mind.

First things first

Before you can fly in luxury, there are several factors to take into consideration. First and foremost, how many people will be accompanying you on your flight? Will you be flying solo or with family? Maybe you have a large group of people traveling together? The number of people who need to travel will be the primary indicator of which type of aircraft you need.

Light jets and very light jets can typically fit between six to eight passengers. Midsize jets hold up to 9 people, while super-midsize jets have space for as many as 11 travelers. Large jets can accommodate 14 people on average, but long-distance jets have the most capacity by far, with room for 19 passengers at once.

Practical considerations aside, there’s nothing stopping you from renting out a large jet when you’re flying alone. The cost will be higher than renting out a smaller one, but if space and luxury are your main priorities and your budget can handle it, then, by all means, go for the most luxurious jet you can find. 

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Some travelers prioritize practicality and punctuality, while others prefer comfort and relaxation over strict schedules. Luckily, private jets are as versatile as they are elegant, providing a variety of options for the discerning jet-setter.

Benefits of private air travel

Short of owning your own jet, chartering a private jet will provide all of the benefits of private flight, saving you from many of the hassles associated with commercial flights. For your convenience, we’ve listed the four most notable benefits of private jet travel below, followed by a brief breakdown of average charter prices in the US.


Compared to commercial flights, private air travel is worlds apart when it comes to comfort. From leg room to noise levels, everything is better on a private jet. Your comfort is the main priority, which is why private jets offer many unique features with plenty of customization options.


Avoid long waiting times and busy airport terminals by choosing to fly private. Private jets typically have their own waiting facilities, far away from the crowded airport lounges of commercial airlines. With no queues, no crowds to deal with, and complete focus on your comfort, private jets are truly the pinnacle of convenient air travel.


If you value your privacy, flying via private jet is as exclusive as it gets. You decide who flies with you, and no one will know your flight schedule except you. Aircrews and ground staff will see to your needs with the utmost discretion. The more exclusive your travel needs are, the greater the likelihood that private jet rental will be the perfect fit.

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As you might have noticed by now, private jet rental offers a premium level of service that you just don’t get on a commercial flight. Private jet services pride themselves on providing high-quality travel experiences. As punctual as they are luxurious, private jets won’t let you down nearly as often as commercial airlines.

Average pricing

Private jet rental costs are usually based on an hourly rental rate. This rate will largely depend on the size of the aircraft, which is why we began this article by outlining the various types of jets available.

It’s important to note that, depending on the distance traveled, the number of passengers, and various other considerations, additional costs must be considered, such as in-flight catering, overnight cabin crew fees, and airport parking fees.

On average, very light jets and light jets will cost around $2,000 per hour, but they are limited by the distance of the flight. Ideal for short trips, they are the most frequently used class of private jet and can often land on runways far too small for any other aircraft. 

Midsize jacks up the cost to around $4,000, but you get a wider range of travel options due to their ability to cover larger distances. Large and long-distance jets average out at around $8,000 per hour, while ultra-luxury VIP airliners can cost as much as $20,000 per hour.


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