How Much Does It Cost to Send a Mass Text?

a Mass Text

There are many types of text messages. A single person may want to text one person.  A business may want to text multiple people at once known as a Mass Text.

One could try outsourcing Short Message Service (SMS) software to get the job done with regard to reaching as many potential customers as possible.  With the right software, a business can send a mass text from a computer to thousands of mobile numbers.  Using automated software to write text messages to thousands of customers can do wonders for marketing, ensuring a campaign’s marketing success.  Since the vast majority of customers want to respond to businesses when those businesses reach out via text, utilizing some kind of SMS software might be a good idea.  Think about it:  All you need to use an SMS mass-text software is an internet connection.

Why Do I Need a CRM?

Whatever Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) you use, log in on the right device that employs browser-based text messaging.  CRM usage has become much more ubiquitous in recent years.  Businesses’ usage of CRMs leapt from 56% to 74% in 2018 – and it’s still going up!  CRMs basically just allow for customers to interact better with businesses.  Businesses are figuring out that CRMs are definitely the way to go in terms of establishing a vibrant customer base and maintaining current customers as competitors attempt to close in and steer customers away.  Most customers appreciate it if they can interact with a business directly.  More than 60% of customers see businesses as more competent as long as those businesses use a CRM to facilitate customers’ interaction.

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There are many ways to send mass texts, and there are many types of mass texts.  Namely, these are broadcasts and keyword campaigns.  Both allow a business to reach a large audience with text messages.  Mass text messages really are the future because the following is what happens:  More texts mean more business, and sometimes, you can even schedule a series of mass texts so your customers have more opportunities to respond.

What Is Broadcasting?

Let’s talk about broadcasting.  Broadcasts are messages that are not sent as group messages.  In other words, as far as the receiver is concerned, the message is a thread between that receiver and the business.  The receiver is not in a thread with other customers who might be interested in the service or product.  A receiver can reply to the mass text, but that receiver is unable to communicate with other receivers, eliminating unnecessary confusion.   Because broadcasts ensure that customers receive individual texts instead of group texts, receivers will be more liable to opening such a text.  Plainly, people are less wary of individual texts than they are of group texts, even if they don’t want to hear from particular businesses or companies.

These broadcasts are schedulable insofar as a business wants to exert a sort of time-release effect upon a marketing landscape.  Some may find it prudent to schedule a text up to a year in advance.  A business may want to accomplish some kind of goal every time there is a specific holiday.  There exist CRMs that will even let you change the content of your text anytime before that text is sent, so if you’re a business owner, and you feel the need to make changes to your text, then you can.  This is important for rectifying typos within the rare, oddly long text.  What’s certainly possible is to miss an error the first time around.

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What Is a Keyword Campaign?

Next up, let’s talk about keyword campaigns.  Keyword campaigns are useful purely in terms of marketing via text.  A keyword campaign is a popular way to address possible patrons by targeting certain needs or demographics.  It’s also a popular way to deliver factual information directly to many customers at the same time.  When creating a keyword campaign, a pertinent idea is to choose a keyword that activates a flow of messages that is automatic.  Essentially, when one sends a keyword to your mass-text phone number, a message automatically responds based on what the customer has said.  The information that has been received from the customer can be evaluated in all sorts of spreadsheets and surveys among other types of applications.  Text message keywords can go a long way in terms of reaching out to customers and maintaining positive relationships with any customers who might want to buy more of something from your business.

All in all, both types of texts are particularly useful for communicating with customers, and communication is what marketing is all about.  Don’t forget to consider a CRM when you’re thinking about reaching out to your customer base.  Prices range from 25 dollars to 80 dollars per every couple hundred of mass texts.


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