How Much Electricity Does My Double Door Fridge Use?

How Much Electricity Fridge

Shopping for an electrical appliance has become hard, but nonetheless, enjoyable, as there are so many brands to choose from. Each one more innovative than the next, you can be sure there will be one that suits your individual requirements. If you are considering a double door model, or already have one, you may think of How Much Electricity Does  Double Door Fridge Use, this affects your electricity bills and can be an environmental concern. Here is commercial refrigerators from Ekuep.

While buying a double door fridge or single door fridge, you may want to have a look at the star rating that is a measure of the fridge’s energy efficiency. Despite that, how you use it matters, and you may want to know how to calculate your own refrigerator’s power consumption. The evolution of fridges has brought about a reduction in 70% of energy conservation in current fridges. For instance, on average, older models (of around 20 years ago) consumed 1400 kWh of energy annually. Latest models run at 400 – 700 kWh units of power per year, depending on their star ratings.

Factors Affecting Power Consumption

The following factors affect how much power your refrigerator consumes.

  • Energy Rating – Fridges that come graded with star ratings are more efficient than their counterparts that don’t have these labels. Refrigerators manufactured before 2005 don’t typically come with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) star ratings. Usually, ratings of 3 or 4 stars ensure that your fridge consumes power in an efficient manner, based on its capacity. 
  • Fridge Size – The larger the refrigerator, the more power it will consume. A double door fridge will consume more power, as it works on a frost-free mechanism, in which electrical fans are utilized to circulate cool air. Double door refrigerators come in large capacities beyond 235 litres, going up to 500 litres or more. The sheer size results in more power consumption, around 30-40% more. Larger capacities in double door fridges scale up refrigerator price in India too. 
  • Frequency of Opening Door – Whenever you open the fridge door, warm air enters your refrigerator. The compressor of the fridge has to work harder to cool off the interior once more. This requires more power. 
  • Ventilation – Refrigerators need to be kept in spacious areas where air flow is free. Technically, a fridge removes warm air from inside and pumps it out. If the space outside is hot, the compressor will heat up and energy will be unnecessarily used. 
  • Inverter Technology – All double door fridges come with inverter technology that saves power significantly. Compressors in these fridges work according to the cooling requirement of the fridge’s load. It also regulates temperature based on external temperature, adjusting itself to meet the refrigerator’s demands. 
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Knowing Your Fridge’s Energy Consumption

Fridges have a BEE sticker nowadays, and mention how much average power will be consumed on a yearly basis. For instance, an LG fridge, double door and frost free, of a capacity of 230 litres, will consume about 460 electrical units per year. If you consider an electrical tariff at 10 INR per kWh, then the annual bill for such a fridge will be 4,600 INR. Once you know the annual consumption, all you do is divide this number by 12 to know monthly consumption. When you get that figure,  divide it by 30 to learn the per day consumption. BEE ratings for appliances were launched in 2006, by the Ministry of Power of the Indian government. Every double door fridge has this sticker/label, as well as the average annual consumption mentioned in units of electricity. Star ratings only come with frost-free refrigerators, which are the best refrigerator in India these days.

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