How should we celebrate this year’s “International Day of Older Persons”?

How should we celebrate this year's
How should we celebrate this year's "International Day of Older Persons"?

Older individuals have perpetually completed a big role in society as leaders, caretakers, and custodians of tradition.

Yet they’re additionally extremely vulnerable, with many falling into poverty, becoming disabled or facing discrimination. Their desires are growing, as are their contributions to the world.

The International Day of Older Persons is a chance to focus on the vital contributions that older individuals create to society and lift awareness of the opportunities and challenges of aging in today’s world.

How should we celebrate this year's "International Day of Older Persons"?
How should we celebrate this year’s “International Day of Older Persons”?

The day could be a special one for older individuals and senior voters round the world. You may find officials and politicians making speeches that focus on this growing section of the population, at this time of the year.

The media will also take this as an opportunity to publish interviews. Many of which will be with older persons who have had an impact on society. Schools, public establishments and workplace buildings also will use the day for asserting activities that promote older persons.

The WHO has been playing a significant role in celebrations, and actively promoting public awareness of the day. Discussions have been held relating to the aging population, providing adequate health provisions, social care, and volunteer work.

Their area unit presently around 700 million individuals over the age of sixty. It is foretold that by 2050, this figure will have risen to 2 billion.

These figures have prompted a lot of attention and various initiatives have been started to try and address the problems that will arise. The global organization Principles for Older Persons was adopted in 1991.

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Population dynamics will type the key process challenges that the world in confronting in the 21st century. If our ambition is to “Build the long run we have a tendency to Want”, we have a tendency to should address the population over sixty that is anticipated to achieve one.4 billion by 2030.


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