How the legalization of sports betting could benefit the economy

legalization of sports betting

The United States is very different from many other countries around the world. They not only have national legislation, but each state can also control their own laws and regulations. And being a country that is so heavily influenced by religion, many of their laws are based on subjects that crop up in the bible. Meaning many of them over the years have become outdated. But over time, they are slowly changing, albeit with some states slower to progress than others on legalization of sports Online Cricket Betting ID. In recent years we’ve seen the legalization of gay marriage, after the Supreme Court made it legal in all 50 states in Obergefell v. Hodges. And introductions such as the Patriot Act that aims to make America a safer place by offering more powers to law enforcement, although it does also impede on citizens’ civil liberties, so it’s not entirely positively received. In this blog, you will know about How the legalization of sports betting could benefit the economy.

One of the latest trends sweeping the United States is the legalization of sports betting. Whilst many people know of places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City where gambling is a big draw for tourism, many states frown against it. Especially sports betting, which is why it isn’t as widely accessible as in places such as the United Kingdom where they have sportsbook shops on most high streets that you can just walk into to place bets on your favorite events.

Usually, when it comes to sports betting in America, it is only acceptable in very few places. Usually at the place where events take place, like down at the track for horse racing. But that is changing across the land, to the excitement of experienced bettors. As states begin to legalize sports betting allowing people to bet in sportsbook stores and also lifting restrictions for online betting.

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And whilst some people still oppose the legalization of sports betting, there are actually many benefits to it. And one big area that could see tremendous growth is actually the U.S. economy. So let’s take a look at the economic impact that these changes in law could have.

Increased job opportunities

The impact of COVID-19 saw many people lose jobs due to businesses having to close down in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Whilst many people were able to return to work after the rollout of a vaccine, sadly, many Americans are still unemployed. But with the legalization of sports betting, it means plenty of new jobs will become available. Whether that be in customer service roles in new sportsbooks available on high streets or in offices helping to operate and maintain betting websites.

With an increase in employment rates, more people will have disposable income. That means other businesses will also benefit as people are able to treat themselves to luxury items, go on holidays, and even treat themselves to the odd takeaway. And this takes us nicely onto our next benefit to the economy.

Generates extra taxes

With the increase in disposable income being spent on other businesses, they’ll generate more profit, and that in turn means taxes companies pay will increase too. Not to mention the extra taxes that will also be generated by all those people who are now back in employment. But the increases in tax don’t stop there, because bettors also pay tax on their winnings when they bet, or at least citizens of the United States do. Because tourists from outside the country are exempt.

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So not only will the Government get taxes if the betting companies make profit, they also get extra taxes when bettors win. So really, legalizing sports betting is a win-win because no matter the outcome of people’s bets, the tax man is always going to get a cut. And this increased revenue couldn’t come at a better time, as so much money was borrowed to help the country get by during COVID-19, that this can help plug the gaps and lead to possible future investments in areas such as education, healthcare and national defence.

Helps to combat crime

Speaking of national defence, another benefit to the economy will be lowering crime. How does this help the economy exactly? Well, with sports betting illegal in many places, there are often a lot of underground bookmakers, where people will offer bets to those wishing to gamble. The problem is, these people are usually dodgy characters, and rather than helping people with gambling addictions, they encourage them, borrowing them money and charging extortionate interest rates. And if they don’t pay, they usually resort to violence to resolve issues.

By legalizing it, many people can turn away from these illegal bookmakers. And soon, many will go out of business. This will help ease resources on law enforcement, reducing their operational costs, and they can focus on more important matters.


So, when someone says that we shouldn’t legalize gambling, just point out the good that it can actually do. It can create jobs, generate taxes, and reduce crime. And in addition to that, betting companies will be regulated, and have a duty of care to look after their customers. So will step in to help protect them when they’re showing signs of being a problem gambler by referring them to charities (that they help fund) to help combat their addictions. It genuinely could be one of the best decisions states across America could make this decade.


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