How to add music to Instagram story? 2020 handy guide for Android and iOS

how to add music to Instagram story
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Instagram is one riddle that every teenager would love to solve. That’s right! It has so many features updated throughout the year that Instagram users question how to add music to Instagram story? Well! To begin with, Instagram has given its users so much. From 15-30 second reels (like Tik Tok) to stories, boomerang, face filters, tutorial guide reels, and much more is available. Indeed, social media manias have forgotten the rush of Facebook. To be honest, Facebook was another kind of penchant among 1990s kids. Today, it’s Instagram. So, let’s start making Instagram stories with your favorite music in the background. The music makes every picture look like it is telling a story. And it’s so much fun to share what’s going on with your friends!

how to add soundtrack to Instagram reels
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Today in this reading, we are going to talk about Instagram and its trending features. One of which is “Add music to the Instagram story.” Everyone is doing it. However, in the event that you are missing out, our guide will help you in many ways. So, whether you are managing Instagram accounts as an influencer, people in business, blogger, vlogger, traveler, or artist, this handy guide is for everyone. Let’s get started:

What is an Instagram story? 

First thing first, if you are new to Instagram, you must not confuse between Instagram story and Instagram reel. To begin with, an Instagram story is an update on Instagram, which remains for 24 hours on your profile. Within these 24 hours, all your followers can see a colorful circle around your display picture. Furthermore, as they click on that circle, they will be able to see what you have put on as your story. It can be a photo, new post update alert, video, textual content, boomerang, past lives, and whatnot!

You can also view who has seen your Instagram story within 24 hours by opening your story and swiping up. A number will also appear on the top bar. It is the number of how many people have viewed your story. This number gradually increases if you have set up your story as one of the highlights on your profile. “Highlights” means you save a story on your profile. For example, the story you have put on 3:00 pm will disappear at 3:00 pm the next day. However, it will appear as a “highlighted” story on your profile. Meaning, any follower can visit your profile and view your highlighted stories. 

What is an Instagram Reel?

Have you used TikTok before? If yes, then there’s not much difference to learn about. Instagram Reels are short videos that you can upload to your Instagram profile. Users can record, edit, share these short videos with Instagram viewers at a global level. Many tikTokers have switched from TikTok to Instagram for more likes and comments. India and the USA have also banned TikTok. Here’s why! 

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Moving on, Instagram Reel comes with an option to pick a “music” or “audio file” and record a video with that sound on. But, it’s not the same when it comes to Instagram stories. So, let’s view how to add music to Instagram story 2020. 

How to add music to Instagram story 2020?

To add a new soundtrack to your Instagram story, follow the given instructions:

  • First of all, click on the story option (+icon at your display picture).
  • Add a photo or video from your gallery. 
  • Now, it is time to add a soundtrack. 
  • To do so, go to the “add a sticker” option.
  • Click on the music icon. 
  • Millions of soundtracks will appear on the screen. 
  • Write the title of the soundtrack you want to add. 
  • To do so, tap on the “search music” option. 
  • Once you come across your soundtrack, tap on it. 
  • Forward or rewind the track to select your favorite part. 
  • Tap on the “tick” icon at the top. 
  • Then, tap on the “my story” option. 
  • You can also share with certain friends by clicking on the “share” option. 

Note: After you upload your Instagram story with music, your friends and followers will be able to view the song title and singer details on the sticker. Your story will run as long as your soundtrack runs. Within 24 hours, the story will disappear. You can also put it into a highlight to save it. 

How to add soundtrack to Instagram story with lyrics?

For the most part, Instagram influencers grasp more attention from their global viewers by putting lyrics to Instagram stories with a soundtrack. This option is quite useful because you may have followers that do not understand your soundtrack language with such on-the-mark fluency. Thus, here’s how you can music to your story with lyrics: 

  • First of all, follow the above instructions to add music to the Instagram story. 
  • Once you have chosen the soundtrack, tap on it.
  • Now, use the snippet option to choose your favorite volume of the soundtrack. 
  • If the lyrics are available with the soundtrack, the lyrics’ setting will appear. 
  • Choose the formatting at the top. 
how to add music to Instagram story with lyrics
  • Tap on the “Done” option.
  • Resize the lyrical display as you like. 
  • At last, press on the “my story” option. 

Note: How to add music to Instagram story with lyrics is tricky because sometimes, Instagram does have lyrics available for rare soundtracks. Thus, if you can’t add the lyrics to your Instagram story, it means that Instagram does not have them. 

How to add sound to Instagram story that isn’t there? 

When it comes to soundtracks, there are billions of music albums out there. Also, Instagram is a global social app. Thus, it is quite possible for Instagram management experts to miss out on some soundtracks which are not very prominent. However, suit your taste anyway. Thus, we are bringing you the following guide on how to add music to Instagram story, which is not there in the music list on Insta: 

  • Play music on your computer system or speakers with a loud volume. 
  • Make a video with audio playing in the background. 
  • This way, you will naturally add music to an Instagram story that isn’t’ available on Insta music. 

It is recommendable to use legal websites like, Apple Music, Spotify, and youtube for the best quality music upload on Instagram. 

How to add your own music track to an Instagram story that isn’t there?

To begin with, it is going to be tricky because you will have to download and install third-party apps such as Storybeat. These third-party apps allow you to add music to your videos and further upload them on Instagram story. It is a much straightway to get away with which soundtrack you need. 

Here are the top apps to add background music to your videos: 

FilmoraGo (Music Adder App for iOS)

how to add music to Instagram story online
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If you want to add HD quality mp3 audio to your video, FilmoraGo is the best option for iPhone users. You can choose among the wide range of prominent audio tracks. Not only this but if you have recorded your own track, you can add it to FilmoraGo and then add it to your video in the background. No viewers will be able to tell the difference. It is also quite helpful if you are looking for how to add music to Instagram stories without stickers. With the help of FilmoraGo, iPhone users can easily add multiple tracks to videos to drive traffic to their profile. It is also a prominent app among tikTokers. 

Download now at

Magisto (Music Adder App for Android)

To begin with, Instagram users often think that Android Instagram is not very effective. But, don’t worry because Magisto is here to rescue Android users from all the disadvantages when it comes to video editing. From adding music in the background to videos to creating videos, everything is there with a single download. You do not need to go through a harsh editing process. Choose an audio track from your device and make your video much more attractive. Magisto allows you to save the final video to your device. Then, you are good to upload it on your Instagram story. 

Download now:

MixBit (Android and iOS compatible App)

MixBit background music and video editor is a high-end Smartphone App. It has gained millions of users at the global level to create attractive videos with multiple audios and mp3 files from the device. You can develop your Instagram story and boosts your followers by showing creativity. So, whether you want to promote your business through insta story or create a dancing video with dueting music, or you want to remix audios for slow-motion or fast forward motion, MixBit is a perfect way. So, stop giving second thoughts and start creating. 

Download now:

What to do if you can’t add soundtrack to your Instagram stories?

One of the major issues that come along with a music-mix Instagram story is: unable to add music. In this case, here are the best solutions: 

  • Cancel the story and upload it again.
  • Force quit Instagram and close all apps on your phone. Reopen Instagram.
  • Sign-out of Instagram and re-login. 
  • Delete Instagram App and re-install it. 
  • Switch accounts and retry.


Hence, this is the end of the guide on how to add music to the Instagram story for Android and iOS users. For more information, you can get in touch with us, and we will get back to you.  Check out the Video Editing Guide for On-The-Go-Influencers.


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