How to boost your sales with instagram

sales with instagram

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms to use if you want to promote your business. So, how can you optimize your brand’s Instagram account and benefit from some great conversions? Why do you need hashtags? How can mass following help to boost your sales? Here are some top ways to use Instagram for you business to boost your sales with instagram…

Make your brand easily recognizable.

Want your brand to become a household name? Well, in order for this to happen, it needs to become easily recognizable for users. 

You only have to think about some of the big brands out there to know that you can instantly recognize them from a simple color combination or single object. 

Think about Amazon’s “arrow smile” and McDonald’s golden arches and you get the idea! 

On Instagram, use your branding wherever possible and make your posts uniform by considering using only a few, key colors that represent your brand. 

Extend this strategy to your Instagram Stories and reinforce your brand image daily. Buy Instagram story views from carefully picked-out services to make sure enough people get to see the identity of your business.

Doing this over time will train your followers to know your brand and to consider it reputable. 

Use hashtags carefully.

Hashtags are very powerful elements in any social media post, but you need to use them correctly. 

Overuse of hashtags can be annoying for followers and could result in them unfollowing you. However, if you use your hashtags strategically, it can have an impressive impact. 

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We recommend using hashtags that are relevant to your brand so that when users are looking for a specific product, your brand will come up. 

For instance, if you sell cookies, you could use hashtags such as #ilovechocchipcookies, #thebestcookies, #oatmealcookies, etc. 

Place a clear link to your online store

What is the main reason you have an Instagram store? To market your business and to make for sales, of course!

With this in mind, make the buying process easy for followers and include and easy-to-see link to your online store in the bio section

A sad reality is that people can be quite lazy and if it is too much effort to search for your store, they will simply abandon the thought. So, make things easier for them by including a convenient link to your store! 

Have a mass following

In order for your Instagram account to have the maximum impact, you need to have many, organic followers. 

By “organic”, we mean real people who are following you and not bots or fake accounts to make it appear that you are popular. 

Organic followers will be more likely to share content of yours that they relate to and this can have a knock-on effect, with their own organic followers being potential customers for you. 

To ensure that you gain as many real followers as possible, always strive to create content that you know appeals to your target audience and content that is unique and exciting. If you can do this consistently over a long period, you’d be amazed at the effect it has! 

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Advertise popular items in Instagram posts. 

After having an online store for a while, you’ll know what your bestsellers are. 

Why not boost sales even more by advertising your bestsellers in a tantalizing post? Take an attractive photo of a product, explain why it’s so popular and then leave a link to your store. 

Offer followers Instagram-only discounts

Everyone loves a discount or a sale but if you want to drive traffic to your Instagram account and fain more followers, offering them an Instagram-only discount is an excellent method. 

All you need to do is advertise your discount code prominently in an Instagram post and let it do the work for you. To make it even more effective, offer users a larger discount if they’ve shared your post. This benefits them because they get more money off their purchase, but it’s also beneficial to you as they are essentially marketing your brand for you to their friends! 


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