How to Boost Your Well-Being and Happiness in 2020


For most people, the key to happiness is relative to the situation they are in.  For some, money equals happiness; for others, it’s good health or having fulfilled relationships with others.  In order to experience true happiness, an individual must have an overall positive sense of well-being (feeling good about yourself and your life).  

Here are 5 key steps to improve your well-being and happiness this year.

Change your negativity

It’s no surprise that negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, which can also lead to negative behaviors. For example, if you wake up and think “I’m going to fail my algebra test today.  I don’t even want to take it,” you will likely suppress your confidence in the process. Instead, change your thoughts and subsequent response to: “I studied hard, I know I’m prepared for this test.  I’m going to do my best to get an A.”  

By constantly shifting your negative moods with positive thoughts, you will begin improving your mental well-being.

Watch your diet 

There are many benefits to leading an active and healthy lifestyle, not the least which includes eliminating common health problems.  When it comes to happiness and overall well-being, switching to a diet that incorporates fruits and vegetables, cuts out sugar and carbs and increasing your workouts can have a wide range of positive effects.  It can also stave off feelings of sadness and make you feel better and happier about yourself.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude comes in many forms.  Being grateful you have a job, a family, your health, a roof over your head – these are all things to be thankful for.  If you want to boost your well-being even further this year, consider keeping a journal where you can jot down feelings of gratitude when they arise.  

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Take a self-help course

If you really want to work on boosting your well-being and improve your relationships with others, it may be beneficial to take a self-help course or seminar to help you overcome negative self-habits.  

Landmark Worldwide delivers programs and training that make a significant difference in those aspects of people’s lives that they care about the most.  In its three-day course, Landmark Forum reviews ways for people with insecurities to bring about a feeling of transformation by completing assignments that will help them in their journey to find inner happiness.

Connect with people

The importance of connecting with others and forming relationships is vital to an individual’s mental health and happiness.  The best social relationships in terms of well-being are ones that bring you encouragement and support and help your own sense of happiness.  

Perhaps the most important factor to boosting your well-being is to never stop learning.  Not only does mental stimulation through learning new skills or continued education connect you with other people, it also can boost your sense of self efficacy.  When you choose your own goals, you’ll be more likely to feel engaged in your life, which in turn, can improve your happiness.


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