How to Buy Contact Lenses Online With Confidence!

How to Buy Contact Lenses

Wearing glasses is a struggle. They attract dirt, get smudgy no matter how many times you clean them, move around, and can even fall off if you’re not careful. It’s no surprise thousands of glass-wearers switch to contact lenses and find them more convenient. This can be a difficult step, especially for people with sensitive eyes. Individuals who take this leap rarely go back to wearing eyeglasses. Do you want to switch? In this blog, you will know How to Buy Contact Lenses Online With Confidence.

  1. Get the Right Prescription 

You will need a separate prescription for contact lenses because they are closer to the eye and must be adjusted accordingly. Some online platforms provide conversion tools that turn your eyeglass powers to contact lens powers. However, experts still recommend going to an optometrist for a full contact lens eye exam to get the best prescription. You can then place the order online by uploading the prescription or entering the power manually. 

You will need to enter power values for right and the left eye along with any spherical or cylindrical power you may have. Double-check the numbers before placing the order to ensure there are no errors. Lenses of higher or lower power can cause eye strain. 

  1. Choose Lens Duration

There are different kinds of contact lenses available in the market today. Customers should choose something that fits their budget, preferences, and comfort level. Here’s a look at the options available:

  • Monthly Disposables – Monthly disposables are arguably one of the most popular types of contact lenses. You can wear them every day of the month for approximately 8-12 hours. They are ideal for people who intend to wear these lenses daily. 
  • Daily Disposables – Daily disposables are single-use contact lenses. You wear them once and then discard them. They are ideal for people with sensitive eyes or people who only wear lenses occasionally. Dailies have higher moisture content and are more comfortable. 
  • Frequent Replacement – These lenses can be worn for three months, six months, or a year. They are suitable for people who don’t have sensitive or dry eyes and are more affordable. 
  • Extended Wear – Extended wear lenses are designed for long term use and are suitable for people who don’t have sensitive eyes. They can be worn for around 24 hours for around 30 days. However, most people don’t find them very comfortable. 
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When you choose contact lenses, look at whether you need spherical, toric, multifocal, or toric lenses. People can also choose coloured contacts if they want to alter their appearance. 

  1. Brands 

There are different contact lens brands available in the market today, and Johnson & Johnson Contact Lenses are some of the most popular options. The company provides a full spectrum of products ranging from coloured contacts to toric dailies. Other popular brands are Bausch & Lomb, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies, Clariti, and so much more. Choose a brand that fits your budget and is easily available. It is a good idea to stick with just one brand for both eyes.

Once you have chosen the right lenses and learnt how to buy contact lenses, it is easy to place the order and get them delivered at home. Make sure you shop at a reputable online store to get authentic products.


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