How To Buy Men’s Wedding Rings That Sit Comfortably 


Shopping for men’s wedding bands can be a challenging task. There are so many considerations you need to have in mind. Will it sit comfortably on the finger? Is the metal of the ring hypoallergenic? Does it have a unique feel and appeal?  

It doesn’t get easier though. The availability of several different materials make your task more difficult. For one thing, modern men have fetish for all things sleek and minimal. The perception is similar when buying wedding bands or men’s wedding rings.  

Get on with the basics  

When choosing wedding bands for men, you are likely to come across a host of options. Today, men have more styles and textures to pick in wedding rings. It does not end at style and color. Moreover, the availability of a wide range of collections in the online stores has made it more convenient for people.  

Let’s say your partner loves the modern styles and elements in wedding bands, there is no dearth of possibilities. With so many choices, it can be an uphill task trying to make up your mind.

But, we will make the shopping experience easier by sharing some fantastic tips. Read on to learn how to shop for the best wedding band for men.

 Pinning on the budget

The commonest material to choose for the wedding band is gold, platinum, and palladium, if you choose them in order of expense. If your budget is on the higher side, selecting platinum is a good choice. Moreover, it is durable, heavy, and comes in spectacular designs. 

However, what if you want to stay away from buying bands made from precious metals?  Titanium, tungsten, steel, and wood are some of the materials to consider for durability, sturdiness, and scratch-resistance. 

The perfect size

A clumsy fit for your wedding ring can be such a downer. The chances of losing it are pretty high if it is too loose. And, you don’t even want to deal with the reverse. That tight ring can cut off your circulation. You may have some explaining to do to your new bride why you are not wearing the ring. 

The best route is to get the sizing handled by a professional jeweler! Since you are buying a wedding band from them, the service should not come at an additional cost. 

The internet is also full of resources on how to do the sizing yourself. But even the best tutorials can lead you astray if you don’t follow the instructions well.  

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But, if you want to try your luck at DIY ring sizing, go ahead. You can download ring sizers online. Here are some things to have in mind when determining your size. 

  • The wider the band, the tighter the fit. In that case, you should go half a size larger for a more comfortable fit. 
  • Please note that your fingers will change in size as the day progresses. Do not determine your ring size when it is cold. Now is the classic time to remember what your science teacher taught you. In cold temperatures, the body parts, including fingers, contract. In warm or hot weather, the fingers will expand. So, do your ring sizing in the evening when your body is warm. 
  • Do take note of the season due to the reason stated above. Even if you are sizing in winter, ensure your body is not cold. 

The good news is that reputable sellers or designers will have no problem adjusting the ring size if there is a need to.

 Online shopping or store visit

The truth is that most people today are averse to store visits and do not enjoy the experience much. For most people, in-person shopping is nothing more than the pushy and pesky salespeople trying to force you to buy things you do not prefer. Therefore, in-person shopping is not one of the best choices to embrace when buying a wedding band.  

However, those who do not prefer in-person hopping are in for the online experience. So, start searching for men’s wedding bands right here and right now. Practically, you can live in wedding bands for a few days during online shopping and check what is right before ordering the delivery.

 Matching the band of the bride

There is something so cute about matching wedding bands with your partner. But, the truth is that people are very different. You may want to both maintain your individuality. Indeed, to match or not to match wedding bands is a personal choice.  

If you desire to match, the designer can include customization options. The gents can, for instance, go for a wide platinum ring with channel setting for the stones. The lady will have a slimmer, more elegant platinum ring featuring the same setting. You can also complement other aspects like color or gemstone type. 

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 Styling is the key

For men who prefer modern styling in rings, it is an all-encompassing term. In other words, modern styles can refer to the material, design, finish, the sharp lines or the neatness. The classic band may flaunt a timeless look depending on the extent of customization.  

Think about your lifestyle when choosing the ring. If you are an office worker, you can get away with almost any style. The classic round shape, for example, is the most versatile. Flat rings are pretty comfy. But, you must be careful around machinery or clothing because they can get stuck. That makes them the least ideal if you work a lot with your hands. 


Imagine finding that perfect wedding band. The day rolls around, and your partner slips the ring onto your finger. Barely one hour later, your ring finger starts itching. At first, you don’t take too much notice. But, soon, it starts to feel like the dreaded red ants are biting you. The itching is so intense at this point. And the red skin and beginning of a rash are too much to bear. 

Well, we have some bad news for you. You are reacting to the wedding band metal. You see, when you sweat, the metal ions dissolve, and your body identifies this as foreign. Immediately it prepares antibodies to fight the invaders, thus causing inflammation. 

Now, here is where it gets really interesting. You could wear the band without any allergic reaction. Then, you develop a metal allergy at some point down the line. The allergen accumulation due to continuous exposure to the metal cold exceeds your body’s ability to tolerate it.   

Enough of science class. So what should you do? Well, if you have a history of allergies, do yourself a favor and do a patch test. You can find these services at the dermatologist. It will save a ton of trouble as you look for the best metal.  


Final thoughts 

Shopping for modern wedding bands for men is undoubtedly challenging. But you need to include exciting elements in it. Also choose an option that brings out your personality and masculinity. Remember the wedding ring is the ultimate expression of love for your partner.  Explore the collections from Epic today and make online shopping for men’s wedding bands a lot easier.





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