How To Choose Alexandrite Promise Ring For Her?


Jewelry with precious stones has gained popularity in the old days but still have not lost its relevance among both female and male audience. Precious product on the body of a woman emphasizes the sophistication of her nature and multiplies the beauty.

According to omens, the natural crystal chameleon has a special energy, which brings good luck if the stone is worn in a pair, and harms if it is alone. Superstitious women buy a set of two pieces of silver jewelry. The ring is worn either with earrings or with a pendant.

Jewelers emphasize the unusual beauty of alexandrite with other gems. Classic companions are fianites and zirconium. Silver gives special aesthetics to the composition. Women’s alexandrite rings are elegant and correspond to the office dress code.

The jewelry can also serve as a lovely gift for a loved one. Therefore, in this article, we will try to figure out how to choose a ring with natural alexandrite.

How to choose alexandrite promise ring?

A silver or gold alexandrite ring, characterized by the features of severity and restraint in style, having a regular shape with flat areas, having no bright and expressive appearance, can perfectly suit a man holding a position of a bank clerk or a lawyer. It is worth mentioning that a gold or silver ring with an alexandrite of this type looks good on conservative people who observe a certain severity in their behavior. The jewelry will create the right harmony with a purely classic closet and will also be able to emphasize the inner drive of the wearer.

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For women working in the creative sphere, it is recommended to choose products of a modern sample, which have a beautiful and graceful shape. The ring should always emphasize the individuality of the nature of the wearer, so you should choose a rare collectible version.

If the jewelry with alexandrite will look bright, unique, and extraordinary, it will only emphasize the fine taste of the person who owns it. It is necessary to match the ring with the color and shape of the jewelry. If an alexandrite ring is acquired as a gift for a beloved person, it will perfectly complement the best features of his or her character and appearance.

A ring made in an ancient, “aristocratic” style with lots of details in the form of small stones or a ring with a large amethyst is perfectly “synthesized” with the type of person engaged in professional activities. Such jewelry will reflect the inner wealth of the person and his high intellectual development.

For people who work in tourism, sports, and choreography the most important is not flashy style, but the high strength of the product and its multi-functionality. In this case, it is not advisable to buy fragile alexandrite rings. A large or medium-sized stone will be more appropriate. Before making a purchase, make sure that alexandrite is firmly fastened inside the ring, as it may easily fall out while being physically active.

It is better to choose a silver ring that has high-strength metals in it. Many professional jewelers note that the alexandrite gemstone is a good match for people with brown or green eyes. In addition to the ring, you can use a silver chain or earrings.

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Alexandrite promise ring for her

Large promise rings with the imperial stone are chosen by strong women. Ladies 45+ prefer rectangular alexandrites of attractive carat weight. Young lovers of gems are fascinated by round-cut and small-diameter chameleon crystals. Elegant models, enriched with cubic zirconia and diamonds, can be worn in a business suit during the day or a cocktail dress in the evening. Lanes of small colorless crystals emphasize the beauty of alexandrite. Such rings are chosen by reserved, elegant women. Evenings are combined with long earrings of sterling silver, daytime – with laconic pesetas, and small earrings with stones of round or oval shape.


In vintage-style jewelry, such rings are chosen by bohemians and bright individuals. Unique, exclusive alexandrite promise rings, are considered a sign of financial well-being. On the jewelry market, alexandrite is a very rare gemstone, so it is not as easy to find as the more popular stones.



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