How to choose swimwear for the pear shape 

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A triangle body shape or pear shape body type is used to explain women’s bodies that have small busts with narrow shoulders and proportionally wider hips. Selecting or buying swimwear for pear shape body needs to consider the advantage and disadvantages of pear. Pear-shaped women commonly have slender shoulders as compared to hips. Upper thighs are broad in proportion to shoulder and chest. Relatively a bust size is small to medium with a curvy bottom. Pear shape body is also known as spoon shape body. So women with pear-shaped bodies need to choose swimwear that helps them to distract the attention from their heavy bottoms. Today Ishine365 is here to guide you about how to choose the best swimwear for pear-shaped women to flatters the body and achieve a balanced look on the beach. 

Best swimwear tops for pear shape women 

Off the shoulder, tops make a horizontal line across the shoulders that help in creating the illusion of a wider top, which helps in balancing out your wider buttocks. This approach is continuously used by pear-shaped celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Jlo, and it works like magic! Tops with a halter-neck strap will widen the shoulders, plus print addition all over your body will help to even out your bottom area. Section-wise, the all-over design will divert attention to your body and take it away from your bottom, helping you to feel confident, comfortable, and secure. 

Best swimwear bottoms for pear shape women 

Skirted Bottom is one of the best options for pear shape women because the pear-shaped women have full Thighs, you should select bottoms with a bit more coverage. Bottoms with a skirt can help to hide part of your upper thighs. Darker Color Solid Bottom is another option for pear shape women to cover the flaws of

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their bodies. Because a swimwear which is darker at the bottom helps to draw the attention away from the hip area and towards the upper body. If you like to wear a separate swimwear top and bottom, you can mix a printed top with a solid bottom which will help to disguise your big booty. 

The high cut bottom will attract people’s attention to your hip area without it looking too large. The key here is to balance. All these designs are made to keep a sense of balance and symmetry otherwise it is your choice if you want to hide your hip area or not. All these bottoms will help you to divert attention from the bottom area and make noticeable your upper body look attractive. 

Best One-Piece Swimwear for the Pear Shape 

Deep V neck is one of the best options for pear shape body-type women. If you get swimwear with a very wide V cut and string laces around the waist, then you are drawing people’s attention to your assets, i.e. your positive lines and curves. As mentioned earlier off the shoulder swimwear top are best for pear shape bodies, similarly, off-shoulder designer one-piece swimwear is also the best choice for pear shape body types.


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