How to choose wholesale socks when making homeless care kits to help those in need

choose wholesale socks

If you’re going to help the local homeless community in your area by purchasing clothing items to keep them comfortable during the entire year, then you need to consider what they are going to have on their feet. Although jackets, hats, mittens, shorts, shirts, and sunglasses are key to keeping everyone healthy and comfortable during the entire year, having a good pair of footwear and protection on your feet is the difference maker between getting sick and hurt, or staying healthy. Let’s see how to choose wholesale socks when making homless care kits to help those in need.

Features of good wholesale socks

If you’re considering purchasing wholesale socks for the homeless people in your community who are in need, you need to make sure you choose good options. Just because they might not be able to purchase any socks on their own at this moment, this doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality – you are doing a good deed by purchasing wholesale socks, so make sure the product you are buying is high-quality, reliable, warm, comfortable, and cozy.

Think of buying wholesale socks for the homeless in your local area as you would buy for someone you love – you want to make sure the craftsmanship and material of the socks is up to standard, comfortable, warm, and protects their feet while they are in all types of conditions and weather situations. 


The first aspect that you should take into account when buying wholesale socks for the people who are in need in your local community is the warmth factor. This is arguably the most important characteristic to look for, as thin socks will not provide warmth or protection during the winter months. If you live in warm climates, like in beachy areas or the coast, consider purchasing different sock types to accommodate the changing weather and the seasons.

  • During the summer months, you can purchase wicking socks for the homeless people that can help avoid foot sweat and build-up of fungus or bacteria that can cause foot conditions. These socks can be helpful for those who spend a lot of time outside, walking around all day, and are frequently in hot conditions.
  • If you live in a cold climate or you are buying wholesale socks during the winter months, buying warm socks – like wool – is key to helping people keep their feet warm during blistering temperatures and conditions. Imagine sitting outside on the sidewalk in New York City during the middle of January – your feet will be freezing. Buy winter wholesale socks that keep your feet warm during intense rain, snow, and cold weather. 
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The second quality of good wholesale socks to purchase is the stitching of the material. You need to make sure the stitching is not in uncomfortable places and is high-quality. Look at the stitching lines before buying wholesale socks to look for even lines, avoiding threads that are coming out of the seams or lines that are wobbly and poorly done. If you find the craftsmanship of the sock is poor, then buy another pack of wholesale socks as a donation to the homeless in your community. 

Furthermore, make sure the stitching is not in weird places and the seams are in the normal foot place. For example, since you ergonomically walk in certain spots on your feet, you do not want stitches or seams under the bottom of your feet where it can cause blisters or rashes. 


The third aspect that you need to consider when buying wholesale socks for the homeless people in your community is the material of the socks. For example, some socks are meant for warmth and protection, whereas others are meant for moisture and sweat control during the hot and humid months. 

  • Synthetic material – one of the most popular material types is synthetic material when it comes to socks. However you do not want synthetic socks for cold climates. Synthetic offers versatility for moderate and warm climates, and can be good for purchasing for homeless people during the very hot summer months.
  • Merino wool – if you live in cold climates, buying Merino or Bamboo wool works very well for keeping your feet warm and cozy during cold winter months. Since the material still breathes, it won’t make your feet sweat, while still keeping out the cold weather and keeping your toes warm. Furthermore, you can purchase stocks that are able to be altered so you can accommodate various weather conditions and make sure the wholesale socks are used all year around. 
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The next aspect to take into account when buying wholesale socks to help those in need in your local community is the price of wholesale socks. Just because you are trying to save money, it doesn’t mean you should buy the cheapest socks possible. In this case, you usually will find the cheapest socks are the least expensive for a reason – this typically means poor quality stitching, less- high-quality materials, and less durability in the long run.

Try login or wholesale socks that fall in the middle range when it comes to price. You don’t want to purchase the most expensive paris, as this typically means you can’t purchase as a man for the people who are in need. Buying a middle of the road option is the ideal choice for buying a lot of pairs for those in need – but also purchasing high-quality and long-lasting prayers.

  • By buying highly-rated but middle of the road options, you ensure that the socks will not wear down fast. If the socks were edson fast and they are cheap, you will end up spending more money – since the socks will only last a few weeks or months. Instead, spend a little more money upfront to get a better pack of wholesale socks that will last multiple months or years. 


The last aspect that you need to consider when buying wholesale socks is the reviews. Look at online reviews and ratings of socks to choose the best type of socks that work well for various conditions, are high-quality, and fit a variety of foot shapes comfortably. If you’re not sure where to start, this can be a good place, as it gives you an idea of how many people have positively related – or negatively rated – a pack of wholesale socks. 


When buying wholesale socks for the homeless in your community, make sure you find an ideal pack that has ample warmth, quality stitching, wicking or warm material, and is a good price for the amount and the style you are purchasing!


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