How To Complete SMS Verification Using Virtual Phone Numbers


Surfing the internet is almost impossible without using various online services. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram: these and other similar platforms are used by billions of people every day. But sometimes signing up for them becomes a real issue due to mandatory mobile phone number verification. This feature makes a lot of users search for ways to bypass it as they don’t want or cannot use their personal numbers. So far there is no better solution on the market rather than virtual phone numbers that can be used for verification via SMS on different websites and apps.

Reasons to use virtual phone numbers

Demand for virtual numbers is growing every day as there are more and more internet users who find them to be an effective solution to many online issues. For example, they are a great tool for registering multiple accounts on the same platform. In this case, virtual phone numbers eliminate the need to buy expensive SIM cards and significantly save time because they can be purchased and used through special websites and apps right over the internet.

Virtual numbers are also a great choice for those who want to remain completely private on the web. It is not possible technically to track the location of a person that uses such a number. With that being said, there is no more need to worry about data leakages and thefts. But the most important thing is that virtual phone numbers are the only way to bypass mobile phone verification for citizens of countries that are not supported by certain platforms for some reason.

Benefits of virtual numbers

The list of benefits of virtual phone numbers is represented by several points. Everyone uses this tool for his own reason. However, in spite of this, each of those advantages deserves attention because without the combination of them virtual numbers wouldn’t be so effective solution for many different issues like they are today. So here are their benefits:

  • Low price which most often doesn’t exceed one dollar;
  • Remote purchase and activation;
  • No quantitative limits on the use per user;
  • Complete confidentiality;
  • Possibility of getting numbers from other countries.

Summing up the above, virtual phone numbers are useful in many situations. But the best part of them is that obtaining them doesn’t require the user to have special education or extensive knowledge in the field of technology. It can be done within literally a few minutes.

Getting virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS

Earlier, just a few years ago, the virtual telephony market was only represented by a small group of cellular providers. But this situation has changed dramatically over time. These days there are more than a hundred various websites and apps that provide everyone with the opportunity to get a virtual number for receiving SMS over the internet. There is just one point to remember about. Not each of those services offers users services of high quality or at least at an affordable price. So users, especially newcomers, have to make their choice really carefully.

SMS-Man is a well-known platform for SMS verification that combines all the best qualities of the industry. It provides both disposable and long-term use virtual phone numbers at pretty low prices. There are available phone numbers in more than a hundred countries while the range of supported services exceeds a thousand different platforms. So it is suitable for solving any task regarding bypassing OTP without using a personal phone number. The first thing that potential customers have to do in order to get one or more virtual phone numbers with it is to complete a simple registration process. It is free and doesn’t require providing any confidential information. When done with it, proceed to the instruction below:

  1. Proceed to the payment page and add funds to the balance in a convenient way. You can choose from a bunch of methods including bank transfer, electronic financial systems, and even cryptocurrencies.
  2. On the homepage of the service choose the cellular carrier country of the virtual number.
  3. Scroll the page down and select the website or application with which it should work.
  4. Hit the buy button.
  5. Look for the purchased virtual phone number either at top of the start page or on the appropriate tab in a personal profile.

The task is done. Now you can use the received virtual number to complete SMS verification when signing up or verifying an account on the previously chosen website or app right away. There is no need to do anything else with it. If for some reason it is necessary to get another virtual phone number, simply go through the three last steps from above once again. Every user can obtain literally an unlimited amount of numbers.


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