How To Craft A Marketable Sales Pitch From Your Business Plan


Your business plan is the blueprint for your business success. It outlines your objectives, goals, and strategies for achieving them. However, your business plan will gather dust on your desk without a strong sales pitch. Your sales pitch is the key to securing investors, partners, and customers. Experts like Dennis Bonnen share seven effective ways to craft a marketable sales pitch from your business plan in this blog post.

1. Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the characteristic that sets your business apart from your competitors. It’s why customers should choose your product or service over your competitors. To craft a marketable sales pitch from your business plan, you need to identify your USP. Highlight the benefits of your product or service and how it solves a problem or fills a gap in the market. Your USP should be the centerpiece of your sales pitch.

2. Know Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is essential when crafting your sales pitch. Market research helps you identify your ideal customer and their pain points. Your sales pitch should address your target market’s specific needs and wants. To be effective, your pitch should resonate with prospective customers and make them feel like you understand their needs.

For instance, if your target market is busy parents, you might emphasize the convenience of your product or service.

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3. Keep it Simple and Clear

A complex sales pitch can be confusing and ultimately lead to a lost opportunity. Keep your pitch simple and clear. Present your USP concisely and address your product or service’s features, benefits, and unique details. Ensure your pitch is easy to understand and your target audience can grasp your offer.

Another way to keep your pitch simple and clear is with visuals. Incorporate infographics, charts, or videos into your pitch to make your points easier to understand.

4. Focus on Benefits, not Features

Features describe the characteristics of your product or service, while benefits explain how your product or service meets a customer’s needs. Prioritize benefits over features to craft a marketable sales pitch from your business plan. Highlight the benefits of your offering and how it solves a problem or provides value to prospective customers.

5. Use Power Words and Emotions

Power words and emotions are powerful tools when crafting a compelling sales pitch. These evoke emotions and prompt prospects to take action. Use words such as “free,” “proven,” “instant,” “limited time,” and “guaranteed” to grab the attention of your target audience. Include personal stories and testimonials to create a connection with prospects.

6. Address Objections

A prospect might have reservations about your product or service, such as price or perceived usefulness. Address these objections in your sales pitch. Acknowledge the concerns upfront and provide solutions to mitigate these objections. This approach will help build trust and convince your target audience to give your offering a chance.

For example, if you anticipate a customer’s concern about the price of your product or service, explain why it is worth the cost and highlight its unique features.

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7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Rehearse your sales pitch until it’s second nature. Nothing beats practice when crafting a marketable sales pitch from your business plan. Record yourself, observe, and refine your pitch. This approach will help you be more confident when pitching to prospects.


Dennis Bonnen understands that crafting a marketable sales pitch from your business plan requires time, effort, and hard work. The seven tips above will help you create a compelling sales pitch that resonates with your target audience. Remember to keep your pitch simple, clear, and concise while highlighting the benefits of your product or service. Keep practicing, and you’ll impress investors, partners, and customers with your pitch.


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