How To Create a SEO Friendly website

SEO Friendly website

If you own a business, small, medium, or large then naturally you want your company website to rank as high in Google and other search engines such as Bing as possible, for even the rankiest amateur concerning websites, knows that the lion’s share of search traffic goes to the website that ranks the best.

A study conducted by a leading ad network showed that 32.5 percent of search traffic went to the top-ranked site, 17.6 percent went to the number two site, 11.4 percent went to the number three website, 8.1 percent went to the number 4 ranked site, and 6.1 percent went to the number 5 ranked site 

After that, it drops even lower, to 4.4, 3.5, 3.1, 2.6, and 2.4 percent. 

These figures should tell you, above all, why you need to hire an SEO company-professional SEO agency. An SEO company-professional SEO agency can lead you from invisibility on the internet to profitability, and while it may take time and money, they can also point you towards ways of making money through paid ads and marketing while you are waiting for your website to produce profitable results.

Unless you have a niche marketing strategy or are targeting a small area such as downtown Buda instead of the much larger Austin Texas area, the chances of your doing it yourself without an SEO company are about as slim as buying a lottery ticket. 

Yes, there is a slim chance you can win the jackpot (around the same odds they say as being hit by lightning and being bit by a shark in the same day according to statisticians) so buying a lottery ticket is hardly your best shot at becoming wealthy.


The same goes for search engine results. You are keeping your fingers crossed and hope you get lucky if you don’t utilize professional advice.

With that said, here are some things your SEO professional will guide you towards.

  •  #1. Having a website that loads fast is extremely critical.

    Think of the web as like a TV consumer that has 10,000 channels to choose from and is clicking that remote from channel to channel looking for something interesting to watch.

    With the web, you have around 2 seconds or less for your website to load and present something interesting to catch their attention. Otherwise, 99 percent of people will abandon their search and click on a competitor.

    Speed is the number one essential for a website. 
  •  It is critical that you be mobile-friendly.

    Fully  half of all web traffic  (Emphasized to make a point) comes from smartphones.

    Google knows this and will expect your website to be accessed by mobile phones if you don’t want to reside in no man’s land in the rankings. 
  •  Concentrate on local searches for profitability

    Over 18 percent of local searches result in a sale  today.  

    Meanwhile, only 7 percent of non-local searches result in a sale today. People spend much more time comparing sites when they are searching non-locally.

    As a consequence, smaller businesses get a bigger bang for their buck by trying to sell locally.

    This is particularly true with mobile phone users. After they do a local search, as many as 50 percent of them will visit a local shop to buy  today. You want to be the company they visit.

    And be sure and list your phone number and your hours on your website. After doing their search, a very high percentage of smartphone users will call to get more information. 
  •  Provide your users with social proof.

    We are all a little like lost sheep in the wilderness. In general, for any purchase under $100, people simply don’t have the time to spend a couple of hours searching for the best blender or coffee maker.

    As a consequence, rather than investing so much time, they rely on products or services that others have bought and enjoyed.

    That’s why it’s critical to have some reviews prominently displayed on your website.

    You don’t need a hundred, or anything ridiculous like that, but three or four positive reviews, prominently displayed on your website are worth their weight in gold. 
  •  Use video to say more with less website real estate.

    A two-minute video, providing it looks professional and has good content can tell
    your story more efficiently than 500 words or more.

    Video is becoming really important to get your web message across.
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Your website is too valuable to be left to amateurs. In fact, you may actually do more harm by having a poor website than if you didn’t publish it at all. This is the age of the cancel culture, and you do not want to be the company that people cancel due to having a poor website.

Some of the best money you spend will be to have a professional guide you on how to build your website. 


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