How to do finisher move in Destiny 2?

How to do finisher move in Destiny 2?
How to do finisher move in Destiny 2?

Knowing how to do a finisher move in Destiny 2 is critical if you want to look extra stylish. Finishers are a new feature added to Destiny 2 with the Shadowkeep release

A model not unlike Apex Legends or World of Warcraft, it is free to play a game that allows you to instantly finish off a weakened opponent, using a cool animation to do it.

Depending on what weapons you run, it will enable you to whittle down an enemy’s health bar quickly, then finish them off with your finisher move. Here’s everything you need to know about Finishers in Destiny 2. Best of luck out there, Guardian!

How to do finisher move in Destiny 2?
How to do finisher move in Destiny 2?

 How to perform a finisher?

 To perform a finisher against an enemy, you must first reduce their health to a certain threshold. Finishers are execution moves and will kill the enemy outright. Damage an enemy until you see a yellow/golden circle appear over their head.

This indicator tells you can hit the enemy with a finisher. Once it appears, run towards them and hit the finisher button to perform the execute. This default button is ‘Q’ on PC, and clicking the right thumbstick on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by default.

 What happens once you perform it?

 When you hit the button, your Guardian performs the execution, instantly killing the enemy. The finisher doesn’t appear to have a cooldown, and from what I can tell offers some generous invincibility-frames when you are performing it.

Keep these in mind if you need to dodge something with some style. Each of the three classes has a unique finisher for them to perform. You can buy a four-pack of finishers from Eververse, and equip them to your inventory screen to change their respective animations.

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For more help

Performing a finisher move in Destiny 2 is incredibly easy. Get an enemy’s health down low enough, look out for the orb icon above their head, and press the finisher button to instantly kill them in a stylish manner. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Shadowkeep content and walkthroughs.


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