How to Do Your Social Media Marketing Right

Social Media Marketing

If you’ve got a brand or small business going, the most effective and obvious way to market it is with social media. It’s also the most accessible. We’re all consumers and have seen how brands try to market to us.

But don’t fall into the habits you’ve seen other brands do. The epitome of lazy marketing is making one graphic showing the details of a sale and posting it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and calling it a day. If you put effort into your social media account, it will reward you.

Read our guide to find out how you can make the most of your social media marketing.

Social Media MarketingSpread yourself out

The reason most brands keep posting to Meta platforms and Twitter is because they are under some illusion that the rest of the platforms around the world aren’t worth their time. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For one thing, Facebook is really struggling in the modern age. Its users are aging out or migrating to Instagram and other platforms that fit their niche interests, having become more and more palatable until it was just bland – therefore new, younger users aren’t interested. 

Meanwhile, other platforms stand for something. Pinterest is for photo-lovers that don’t like the shallow nature of Instagram, Snapchat is for flirting and more streetwise, Reddit is for debate and advice, Tumblr is for fanbases and the weirdos as their fans will openly tell you, TikTok is for everyone to find their own people, and they all have their own dedicated fan bases that aren’t being hit by posting to only Facebook and Twitter.

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Create quality content

Don’t panic. Creating quality content doesn’t mean buying the latest camera and buying secondhand Hollywood floodlights.

Users are catching on to adverts, spotting them as they swipe through. With some quality content, you’ll be able to keep their attention and they will know it was worth it. It isn’t about tricking them but making it worth their attention.

Try playing around with content concepts. Common ones that will showcase your products and your team are reviews, behind the scenes, skits, demonstrations, how they’re made, etc.

For example, if you are selling a site for online betting, you might want to showcase the team getting involved with a recent trend to put forward a personable vibe.

Promote your priorities

User habits are changing online. For one thing, social media accounts are now being used to research brands. Not only are they getting basic information like an address of premises or a customer service number, but they are making sure that your priorities align with theirs.

This is important, but easy for small businesses to use. Supporting a small business is already a noble deed that is uncontroversial, but there are others you can advertise to gain followers. Are your products cruelty free or vegan? Sustainable or green? Supporting marginalized groups, etc.?

As the saying goes “vote with your wallet”. Consumers are trying to avoid adding to perceived evils by supporting businesses that align with their priorities. You can use that.


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