How To Find a Good Dentist Near You


When searching for a new dentist, you’re looking for more than a professional to clean your teeth. Oral health is vital to your overall health, so you should ensure that the dental clinic you pick is favorable for you and that the staff truly takes care of your smile.

A comfortable dental clinic allows you to be comfortable during regular appointments, which is a must if you often experience dental anxiety. Are you currently looking for the best dental fit for you? Here are the things to look for!

Start With the Basics

Want to achieve a healthy set of teeth? The key to achieving this is to make regular visits to your dentist. You would like to ensure that the details of your dentist work with your lifestyle, schedule, and dental care needs.

Regarding its location, you should consider if the office or clinic is close to your home or job. This way, you wouldn’t have to drive or commute for a long time. You should also determine if their work hours work with you and if it’s convenient. Some clinics will offer 24-hour emergency dental care, which is a must if something happens to your teeth, or you experience any pain.

For example, Skygate Dental Clinic in Brisbane offers 24-hour emergency dental care. If you live far from a clinic, you would want to see that there are several stores and hotels near your clinic. At this dental clinic, you can visit the nearest outlet mall and hotel for your needs with just a few minutes of a car ride.

On the other hand, clinics situated in secluded areas may have ample parking for clients. However, it can be difficult if there are no stores selling necessities nearby, especially when you need to purchase something for your trip. 

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Start the Search

Now that you’re searching for a dentist, you may notice the advertisements everywhere. You can see it online, in newspapers, in mailboxes, and many more! Today, social media has become an excellent tool for dental clinics to show their patient reviews and how great their clinic is. However, remember that not everyone has the exact dental needs; each has their own experiences. 

You can find a dentist with the help of the Internet and use credible dentist finders for your state. It helps narrow the search for licensed dentists who can help you with your needs. You can also ask your trusted friends or relatives since they may have a dentist they trust and love. There’s no harm in checking their preferred dentist and seeing if it fits your lifestyle. 

Once you’ve finished listing your top 5 dental clinics, it’s time to visit their websites and check if their officers are on social media. When you can read all the crucial information on their social media handles, this is typically a good sign that they’re updated in the current mode of advertisement. It also gives you the information you need to make a decision. 

Meet the Doctor & Staff

Meeting and greeting the doctor is probably one of the most crucial steps you have to take to find a good doctor near you. Don’t hesitate to ask, call, and visit the dentists on your list before deciding. The information you see on social media may not tell you the full scope. 

You have to visit their clinic to determine if you will be satisfied taking regular checkups in the clinic since it would be laborious for you if you had to transfer to another clinic because you found something you didn’t like.

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Before making an appointment, you can always schedule a consultation with the dentist. This way, you can meet both the staff and the dentist. Use your observation skills and determine if the clinic is near, comfortable, and welcoming. All three are a must for a good and credible clinic.

You can also prepare a list of questions and bring your records from your previous dentists. It is so that the doctor can look at your medical history if you want to ask something specific about your oral health. 

Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • Will the attending dentist explain clearly how you can prevent future and current dental health problems? Is there detailed dental health instruction provided?
  • Are you open to a 24/7 dental care emergency? If not, how does the clinic handle emergencies outside their office hours?
  • Will the dental and medical history of the patient be recorded and placed in a permanent file? If so, can we ask for it in the future?
  • Is there a benefit plan or favorable financial options for treatment? 

When communicating your concerns and questions, ensure that the doctor knows your problems. A good dentist should also answer your questions and reassure you, even if you won’t be a permanent client in that office.

Final Thoughts

The journey to good oral health is not an easy one. Still, with perseverance and motivation, you, too, will find the perfect dentist that suits your preferences. Just like how you take proper care of your body, you should also take the time to take care of your oral health. Use the information above to find a dentist for you.


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