How To Find The Desire To Study: Useful Tips To Apply


If you are a university student, you will have asked yourself several times how to always be motivated to find the desire to study.

There are moments, during the university career, in which maintaining high levels of motivation and having the same position as always is difficult. A stressful period or difficult situation can put a strain on your concentration and cause you to lose enthusiasm for studying.

How to find the desire to study even when the motivation decreases, and everything seems to go wrong? In this guide, we will reveal all the useful tips to apply to return to studying with enthusiasm and determination.

The important thing is to take the right approach and stay focused and determined to achieve the set goal. If at this stage in your life you feel that your skills as a good student are faltering, don’t waste any more time and take note of the advice we are about to give you. By the way, if you feel like crumbling because of a heavy academic load, you could consider delegating some of the tasks to others, like you could delegate writing essays to a professional essay writer.

Think Different

Before making a list of tips on how to find the desire to study, we want to talk to you about the so-called Think Different, or an approach to being brilliant. A useful approach in the study as well as in life in general. If you really want to find the desire to study, rule number 1 is to think differently.

What does it mean? In a period of crisis in which so many certainties are questioned, the winning element is precisely this: think differently or think differently.

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How many times before a university exam have you made yourself panic, lack confidence, or laziness? How many times, on these occasions have you started saying phrases like:

  • “I have not enough time”.
  • “The exam is difficult”.
  • “Maybe it is better to postpone it to the next session”.
  • “I can’t understand what I’m studying”.

All of these statements do nothing more than throw you into a state of negativity and, even worse, move you away from your ultimate goal. If you are about to give way to negativity, your first task is to reverse these unhealthy thoughts and start thinking differently. So, try replacing the previous statements with:

  • “I have to work hard to optimize the time at my disposal”.
  • “I have already passed difficult exams”.
  • “I prefer to commit myself now and not postpone”.
  • “I could ask for help from some of my colleagues who have already taken this exam”.

As you can see, a different, substantially positive approach is much more motivating. If you want to know how to get the urge to study, thinking different is the first technique to implement. Now that we understand what the right approach to studying is, let’s move on to the heart of our guide, which is methods and tips to study with the right charge.

Make A Study Program

The first piece of advice to give to those who want to regain the desire to study is to be able to do a study program. Imagine having little desire to study and being devoid of any study method. You know what a tragedy!

One of the reasons why you don’t want to study lies precisely in this. That is in the fact that the student is not very organized and feels overwhelmed by the amount of material to study. Not knowing where to start will never get you started. So, the advice is to take a deep breath and organize the study.

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One of the biggest obstacles to the study often concerns the amount of material to be treated. When you look at the study material, the risk of procrastination is very high. How to prevent this from happening?

Simple: organizing the material in a functional way. Books, notes, slides: all you have to do is divide this material according to the days available to study. Don’t go through everything together and don’t force yourself to achieve unattainable goals.

So, what you have to learn to do is a plan, that is a schedule to be respected. When making a study program, however, take into account possible unforeseen events and margins of error. So be careful not to be too elastic and not too compressed. In the first case, you risk losing unnecessary time and in the second case, you risk not respecting the program.

Try to create a study plan in line with your life needs, in order to reconcile all the commitments and respect your schedule.

Eliminate Distractions

Once the study schedule has been established, it is essential to eliminate all forms of distraction. To do this, try to think about what distracts you the most: smartphone, TV, social networks, WhatsApp groups? In short, ask yourself what are the “noises” that make you waste time.

Once you have identified the elements that interfere with the study, eliminate them. With this, we do not want to tell you for example not to use the phone for 8 hours straight. You can simply put it in “silent” mode and leave it in the corner of your desk. Whenever you take a break, you can check it out.


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