RARBG: Tips on How to Get Around Blocked Domains

How to Get Around Blocked Domains

Undeniably, the advancement of technology has offered us many opportunities for different types of things. Together with the internet, technology has made our lives significantly better than what it used to be. By looking at how things are being processed nowadays, you can tell that it is now efficient compared to how things were done in the past. 


In particular, entertainment, such as music and movies, has become much easier thanks to various streaming apps and services that have become available for many people. Alternatively, downloading the latest songs and movies is also possible through various torrent sites. 


One of the best torrent sites where you can find and download high-quality content is RARBG. Since it is one of the best sites, many governments around the world are working their way into blocking this site, but that doesn’t stop them from giving people entertainment. There are still many proxy sites where you can download top-quality content. For example, cybersecurity experts at Smartproxy say that proxy is like a getaway between device and network. You can check out their website and find more helpful information about proxies and how to use them.

Proxy and Mirror Sites

If you are in a country where the main domain is blocked, there are still specific ways that you can do to access the site, and that is through rarbg proxy and mirror sites. These sites are one of the fastest ways whenever you want to access the main site. These proxy sites are still safe since they act as a clone with a separate server and a different domain name. 

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These proxy sites will allow you to access specific websites without compromising your security and without tracking your location. Here are some of the proxy sites that have been manually tested for verification, https://rarbgprx.org/index70.php, and https://rarbgmirror.com/index70.php. 

How to Unblock RARBG 

Other than using these proxy and mirror sites, there are also other ways that you can unblock the RARBG website, and this is through a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that works by tunneling your IP address to other IP addresses all around different networks. This is a good process that makes it difficult for anyone to track your activity. 


Another way that you could use to access the website is by using the TOR Browser or The Onion Router. This browser was initially made to protect online intelligence communications, but it is now open and free for anyone to use. By using this browser, it will direct internet traffic through various networks. It can effectively hide your location.

What Makes RARBG a Great Torrent Site

One of the most apparent reasons why RARBG is a great torrent site is because of the quality of its content. Many users claim that RARBG offers top-quality content, which is one of the reasons they prefer to use this site. Apart from their high-quality links, they also offer more information about the files to give you an idea before you start downloading them. 


The site is also user-friendly. You could easily find what you are looking for since the interface is easy to grasp and understand. It has a clean design, and all the files are sorted according to their category. 

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Accessing RARBG shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you are in a country where RARBG is blocked. Whenever you want to download anything from the site, you can use the tips mentioned above.


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