How To Get Inside And Where To Find Keys in Apex Legends Golden Vaults?


Since the start of Season 3, Apex Legends’ map has been dotted with locked vaults full of high-tier loot. A countdown timer suggested they’d open at 1 p.m. ET today, but players are reporting that they’re open now.

There are three vaults on the map: one near Lava City, one near the Train Yard, and one near the Geyser. All three will appear on your minimap once you get a key. Keys have a chance to drop from loot drones when you shoot them down.

It seems the keys drop from drones that have a red tile; the color of the drone when you shoot it doesn’t appear to matter. Vaults take a few seconds to open. Inside, you’ll find some fancy loot, which you can see through the door. Today, have Apex Legends Season 3 covered from several different angles. Here’s how to get inside.

How To Get Inside And Where To Find Keys in Apex Legends Golden Vaults?
How To Get Inside And Where To Find Keys in Apex Legends Golden Vaults?

What to expect

Apex Legends Season 3 introduces a new map, World’s Edge, which hides three locked vaults–each of which contains purple epic- and Apex Legends golden vault legendary-tier loot. Though closed at the start of the season, the vaults are now open.

You just need a key. Below, we detail how to find a vault key and explain what you can expect to find once you open one of the three loot stashes.

How to get a key

The first thing you’ll need to do when it comes to grabbing the keys in golden vaults is know how to find a floating cargo bot, of which there are several roaming around the map; these can contain vault keys.

The ones that do hold a vault key appear to have one of its glowing panels flashing red as the rest of the bot continues cycling through the different loot tier colors. We’re not privy to the chances of coming across these specific cargo bots since it seems random between each match.

When you find the cargo bot, shoot it down, loot its contents, and you should have a vault key. The three vault locations then get marked on your map, all of which are within tunnels.

How to open the vault and what’s inside

Here’s how to get inside in Apex Legends golden vault. When you make it to a vault, it’ll take three seconds to get the door open and you’ll be rewarded with several purple-tier and gold-tier items.

The gear you can pick up includes purple and gold backpacks, knockdown shields, body shields, helmets, and a few weapon attachments or phoenix kits. There doesn’t appear to be weapons or ammo within these vaults, however.

If you’re lucky enough to get an Apex Legends key, the hey-holder in your team will see each of the three vault locations appear on their map. When you get to the vault entrance, note that it will take a few seconds to open, so stay vigilant for driving Legends lurking in the shadows. Typically there isn’t enough to kit out a full team, so be nice and share, ok?




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