How To Get Monetized On Twitch

Monetized On Twitch

Today, it seems like everyone wants to be a social media influencer. Whether they are young children, teens, or adults in their twenties, this has become the golden standard of desire. Yes, once it was the music industry, then it was Hollywood, and now it’s platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. But contrary to what your parents may have told you about your doomed career in either of the above industries, twitch monetization or monetized on twitch of a social media platform is an achievable objective. Hold the train a second; achievable does not mean easy. In this blog, you will know about how to get monetized on twitch.

One platform that people are raving about is Twitch, a streaming service that is predominant with gaming but is open to all sorts of things. No word of a lie, I’ve seen artists doing Bob Ross style shows there, so the options are limitless. Whatever your field, the path to monetization can be a challenging one. A Twitch streamer needs to incorporate a number of things into their channel to meet the Twitch monetization requirements, which we will also discuss. While it has many components, the end result is simple: a Twitch streamer must hone and provide an entertaining product. How do you do this? Although there are many articles and guides out there dedicated to telling you what camera and lighting you need to succeed, the top and bottom of it are that you have to stream something people want to see and stream it with panache. An interactive flair goes a long way to attain Twitch monetization. Your humor, intelligence, and wit are what make a product special. Think about your favorite Twitchers. What do they have going for them? What is their USP? How do they keep their audience entertained? Whether you operate with humor, critiquing, or a mix of both, this is the path to meeting that first milestone of affiliate status. How To Get Monetized On Twitch-

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Once you have nailed your product, incorporated a USP, and honed your style, you will be on the way to that target. 

What Are The Requirements?

You must have these to monetized on twitch:

  • A minimum of 50 followers
  • A minimum of 500 minutes of broadcast time over a month-long period.
  • 7 unique broadcast days.
  • A mean of 3+ consistent/simultaneous audience members at any one time.

Once these four stipulations are met, Twitch will email you to offer you the milestone. From here, there are agreements to sign. You must provide your general information, Amazon tax information, and of course, you must tell Twitch where to send your payments. 

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Status?

  • Channel points: the more a streamer uses their channel, the more points that they earn.
  • Subscriptions: 50% of the money donated by subscribers goes to you (depending on the subscriber’s choice)
  • Twitch bits.
  • Donations become available. As in, your viewers can donate directly to you.
  • And finally, the obvious one; ad revenue. You can place ads on your streaming platform and earn through this.

Reaching this level takes commitment, but once you’re there, you will have increased visibility on the site, which can lead to the next step: becoming a Twitch Partner. The Twitch monetization model stipulations are higher for this, of course, and the requirements are:

  • You just stream for 25 hours (in a month period)
  • You must stream on 12 different days.
  • You must have a mean of 75 consistent and simultaneous audience members at any one time.
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This follows on consecutively from the affiliate status requirements, and once you’ve reached this point, Twitch will provide you with a great many tools that can be used to increase your audience engagement and views. While the affiliate status is easier to achieve and has lower requirements, partner status has many more benefits. For instance, as a partner, you can have up to 60 sub emotes, as opposed to the maximum of 5 offered by affiliate status. Partner also allows cheer emotes (subject to your preferences depending on channel relevance) and, of course, more ads and more ads equals more ad revenue. Sweet, sweet revenue.


While even the top Twitch dogs earn only an average of half a grand a month, this is a nice chunk of change and combined with a 2nd channel, or another source of social media-based income; it is one more notch towards becoming a successful social media influencer.



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