How to Improve Communication About Your Beliefs with Others

Improve Communication About Your Beliefs with Others

In the modern world, it can be hard to articulate your religious beliefs with others without judgment or scrutiny, especially out loud. It’s not “cool” and therefore leaves you vulnerable to others’ opinions. But it shouldn’t be that way, and doesn’t have to be.

Sure, you’ll always be able to find those that are like-minded. But if you don’t have the proper communication skills to get your point across or express your beliefs in a comfortable and confident manner, the conversation could hit a standstill fast. Certain ministries have urban training centers, which aim to inform believers about discussing religion with those different from them in one way or another. 

While these conventions are certainly beneficial and can inspire and inform you of some general ways to improve your communication, there are some things you can be practicing in your daily life that will bring many blessings and benefits. 

In this blog, we’ll lay out several ways to improve your communication about your beliefs. It could be as simple as talking to someone on the street. You could also use modern apps and online groups for open discussion. Take advantage of the tools of the modern world, and make more connections than ever before! It’s sure to strengthen your faith and promote positive conversations about religion. 

1. Ask for advice 

Asking for advice from those experienced in talking about their faith publicly might give you some pointers about how to approach others. Pastors, priests, and preachers definitely aren’t shy about talking about their faith. 

Public speakers could lend advice about how to talk to a group of people as well, depending on how many people you plan to discuss your faith with. Especially when you’re speaking to those who are weary about religion or even hostile to the idea, it’s important to ask for pointers from professionals before you go in blind. You want it to be a pleasant experience, not something that makes you nervous or uncomfortable. 

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2. Attend a Bible study 

Speaking in a safe space, like a religion class or a Bible study, can help ease your nerves about talking to others who aren’t like-minded. You can share experiences with others who are excited to talk about their faith and pick up on things you wouldn’t have thought otherwise. You can also pick up on some new favorite Bible verses or parables that can still be applicable to the world today. 

The best way to get through to someone is to relate to them. Speak with others about how you would go about this. They might introduce new ideas you didn’t think about or provide suggestions about things you can do differently that might bring stronger results. Only about 11 percent of Americans read the Bible daily, according to Statista. Brush up on your skills so you can introduce them to even more people that might need them. 

3. Volunteer with your local church or ministry 

Sometimes you just need to dive in completely. Try volunteering at your local church, ministry, or place of worship. This could be during church hours or in some recreational activity connected to the organization. You can volunteer at events, providing valuable services to the community that would likely lead to productive conversations. Or you can simply surround yourself with the environment for inspiration. 

This allows you to discuss things with other church leaders and goers. It also will make you feel good providing services to the public that are needed, whether it’s filling in a shift on worship day or helping host a food drive for the church. 

4. Join an online discourse 

Use the tools available to you in the modern world to expand your reach of conversation across the internet. You may be surprised to find that, even in 2023, people are excited about their faith and eager to share it with others. There are Facebook groups, Reddit boards, and several other platforms that are healthy areas for conversation, assuming you find a good group. 

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You’re sure to hear more perspectives than ever before and be able to reach people from all over the world. This can help you get comfortable talking about sensitive topics before you have to do so in person. You may even meet some new friends in the process, which is an added bonus. 

5. Become a great listener 

The key to becoming a great speaker is to become a great listener first. If you can’t empathize with someone trusting you with their faith or their doubts, how will you be able to provide a valuable resource to them when you introduce new information? This can be a tough task. Many people don’t know how to truly listen. 

This will help you limit your judgment and premature thoughts about a person’s beliefs or predisposition. You never know the situation someone is coming from until you can truly listen to their story. Chances are, you’ll have more in common than you think, which will help you relate to them and make it easier to bring up topics like faith and religion. 

Final Word 

It can be difficult for a person to be vulnerable and discuss such personal matters, like their faith, with those they don’t know. It’s the Christian way to spread the Word of God, but only in a kind, nonjudgmental way that promotes love and acceptance. Some have a hard time with this as they’re so firm in their beliefs they can’t conceive someone else feeling any different way. 

It’s all about developing positive habits, such as volunteering, becoming a great listener, using the modern tools available to us, and trusting God throughout the process. You’ll be able to spread your faith to more people this way, and therefore be that much more fulfilled with the work you’re doing. 

The modern world can make it difficult to approach certain things, like discussing personal feelings and beliefs. But it can also make it easier if you know how to go about it. Take advice from others, approach people with empathy and love, and deliver your message in a consumable way. 


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