How to Improve Libido to Naturally for Better Sex Life?


Our libido determines our sex drive, and it varies from one person to another. Having a low sex drive is seldom a problem, but there are times when you want to boost it.

When looking for a solution, people often take drastic steps like popping pills or using unrealistic products. Why not start with natural methods and see how well they can improve your sex life?

Ways to boost your libido naturally

Both men and woman can try the following remedies to improve their libido:

Manage stress and anxiety

When you have high levels of anxiety and stress, there are chances of significant sexual health in a negative way.  People with demanding work schedules, responsibilities, and stress due to constant problems can have a lower sexual desire.

Stress and anxiety often make things challenging for men to have or maintain an erection. This can put off a person from having sex and also affect their relationship with their loved on.

A study done in 2017 showed how erectile dysfunction in men happen due to anxiety and depression. It results in low libido where they don’t feel the drive. Such forms of stress can be resolved by:

  • Having a good sleep cycle
  • Exercising regularly
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Spice up things in your relationship
  • Talk to a therapist

Improve your relationship

When you share a special bond with your partner, there are chances that you will feel aroused in a relaxing moment. If you are not going through a good phase in your relationship, it will affect your sex life. To improve your sex life, you need to spice things up by:

  • Planning date nights
  • Talking to each other profoundly and openly
  • Making time for each other and doing something you love
  • Strengthen bond by spending time out of the bedroom
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Never skip foreplay when improving libido

To have the sex drive, you need to do things that keep you charged. Foreplay is one move that helps you boost libido instantly. When you spend more time in the sexual experience, it keeps the drive alive.

According to a study conducted in 2017, around 18% of women orgasm during sexual intercourse. However, more than 33.6% have the stimulation of their clitoris necessary for the orgasm to happen. You can achieve this by a good round of foreplay.

Sleep well

To have good sex, you need the right kind of energy level. You might have found yourself or your partner incapable of having good sex because of tiredness.

A study in 2015 showed that women that get good sleep one night have a better sex drive the following day. Women who reported for more extended average rest had better arousal compared to the ones that didn’t sleep well.

Maintain a healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet to improve good circulation and maintain heart health. By removing specific unhealthy food from your diet, you can improve your libido.

Metabolic syndrome can lead to cardiovascular diseases. This, in turn, affects sexual functioning. Also, maintaining proper health will keep away polycystic ovarian syndrome that disrupt hormone levels and also libido.


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