How to Improve Workplace Productivity in 2022


Since we have slowly exited the lockdown era and have begun returning back to work, the need to keep employees engaged after a gruelling period at home is vital. Employee engagement and productivity is key for many businesses who want to get the best out of their workforce. Keeping staff engaged will facilitate steady and consistent growth which is why it is near the top of most businesses list of priorities. With this in mind, we have highlighted some effective measures to increase workplace productivity in 2022.

Transparency And Communication

Communication is one of the key foundations for a productive workplace. Not only is communication important, and should be encouraged between employees, but it is essential that staff feel confident enough to approach their supervisors. When communication fails, staff are inefficient, unfocused, and are disconnected which, as a consequence, leads to a reduction in productivity levels. Similarly, transparency is idolised as employees want clear and honest communication with their fellow peers to build trust. Without trust, relationships can’t grow and again, productivity will weaken. 

There are numerous methods you can utilise to encourage employees to communicate. If your employees have problems and they are not confident in coming forward to gain the support from their superiors, then the problem in question is unlikely to be solved. Moreover, a communicative workplace is one that is an enjoyable place to be in. Examples of exercises to implement consist of:

  • Regular one-to-ones
  • Weekly work team meetings
  • Constructive and helpful feedback 
  • Communication on a personal level

Improve/Tweak Company Culture

Many business owners fall short as they do not create a positive culture which maximises productivity. What creating a positive company culture means is building a workplace in which employees feel comfortable and supported to perform their day-to-day tasks in full confidence.  

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If you provide a working environment in which staff feel relaxed and at ease, they are likely to perform their tasks to the best of their ability. Not only this, but they will approach their work proactively rather than shying away from challenging tasks. 

Your company culture can be shaped in a number of ways, from your collective vision to the workplace itself. For a start, you can adapt the physical aspects of your workplace. You should ensure workers have access to the correct and most up-to-date equipment or you could modernise the interior to make it more inviting. 

In addition, sufficient ventilation and air conditioning installation is said to boost employee comfort and productivity quite considerably. As such, it is definitely advised that you maintain and improve your HVAC systems where you can. 

Recognise Strengths And Delegate Accordingly

As a manager, you should be aware of all your employees strengths and weaknesses. Delegating roles and responsibilities on an individual basis will go a long way to improve productivity in the workplace.

For example, a more extroverted employee is likely to thrive in a sales position however, they may struggle in a role that is more technical and requires a slightly more methodical approach. As such, it is recommended that you try to identify opportunities for specific members of your workforce in order for them to prosper. In doing so, you are more likely to create a workforce that works in perfect harmony which results in an improvement in productivity.

Provide Training Opportunities

Providing internal or external training opportunities will help to keep employees engaged, and may influence staff to become more productive. The opportunity for people to train and learn more about their role is important, and staff that are adequately trained will feel more confident tackling their workplace duties. 

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Training opportunities can come in many forms, and the types of opportunities available to you will depend on your industry. For example, if you are involved in the warehouse or transportation sector, you may want your staff to enrol on a refresher course to hone their operative skills when utilising a forklift. Another example could relate to a more office based role where you want a specific individual to register for a work related training qualification to help master their day to day duties even further. Ultimately, you should actively support employees who want to further better themselves in the workplace.   

Ensure Progress is Reviewed

The last point we would like to discuss when aiming to improve workplace productivity refers to making sure that employee progress is monitored and reviewed. What we mean by this is that if you create progress meetings, your employees will feel clearer and more proactive about their roles and responsibilities during work. Moreover, it helps you and the employee identify where progress is being made and, similarly, where further work is needed. 

It is absolutely pivotal that this review process is conducted in a constructive manner because, as we have previously mentioned, a culture where employees are reluctant in talking to their superiors regarding their progress reduces productivity tremendously. The overall aim is to support staff members and promote their growth so by reviewing and rewarding successes where necessary will undoubtedly boost productivity, and will pay great dividends in the future.


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