How to incorporate UX into web design?


UX in web design

What gives the first impression of the product? Right, its appearance. The way your web product looks could make or break your brand. A beautiful interface, striking simplicity, and easy navigation may cover other flaws of functionality. The more users feel satisfied to use it, the more patience they have with any bugs, and willing to spend more time learning the functionality of an app. It instantly feels more professional, no matter how well it performs the task it was created to accomplish. And UX designers can define what exact thing the customers are looking for. UX (User Experience) in web design focuses on the full experience with the product from the user’s first contact to the last, striving to understand and meet the needs of the customer. UX designers create structural design solutions for pain points that users encounter anywhere along their interaction with the product to achieve its effectiveness. Process of UX design of web products includes:

–           Competitor analysis.

–           Customer analysis and user research.

–           Product structure and strategy.

–           Content development.

–           Prototyping and wireframing.

–           Testing and iteration.

–           Coordination with developers and UI designers.

Let’s go through the whole process of web product creation and what part UX takes in this.

Web design and development: step by step guide

Design development consists of several permanent components:


Create a draft of the product’s visual architecture. It would help to understand how it is going to look and its basic functions. Show wireframe to your friends or colleagues and get feedback. Throughout you can make it more complex and detailed.

Get a product designed. 

Make realistic mockups of the future product. Look at it from the users’ side and end up with good-looking, professional design.

Make sure it is easy to navigate.  

Keep things visible to ensure users know where to go.  Make it user-friendly. If the elements are too small it will be hard to navigate.


Focus on the most important things. Keep design minimalistic, using familiar symbols and phrases.

Color palette. 

Consider color psychology while picking up fonts’ and elements’ appearance.


Your product’s UI/UX design should form unity. So, design elements such as buttons, colors should match functional and external consistency.

Get a product developed. 

Take care of the functional side of the product.  Hire development team to complete the process. There are a lot of mobile app or site design services, which offer full-circle development.  TRIARE has large experience in creating unique web and mobile applications from the draft to established projects.

Tips to create stunning visual of web product

You can predict successful performing of your product just doing a little research and that is the part where UX is the most incorporated into the process:

–           Assessing competitors. Search the current marketplace and get known of your competitors’ offer: how their site or app looks and what users are looking for.

–           Think smarter. Go back to your draft and design a better interface than competitors’. Make it easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

–           Get inspired. Now, when you know what to do or what not to do, turn your idea into a win-win option. Look at design trends or whatever you get inspired by and come up with examples, which reflect your identity.  

–           Understand users’ needs. Take into account users’ goals for using such applications and accomplish them.

Bespoke web design and UX 

TRIARE team designs a web interface that establishes a unique emotional connection with your audience. It is always a mixture of concepts and original decisions that make users fall in love with each click, tap, swipe, and pinch. TRIARE team knows what elements appeal to users and how to architect a natural and bespoke web design that reflects your brand identity. And we have stanning UX web design examples that works on our clients’ popularity.  Our user-friendly product design assists companies with achieving quantifiable business goals and sets them apart from the competition. There are following stages that TRIARE bespoke website design consists of:

Research and discovery

At the beginning, we deep dive into cultural trends and explore the motivation behind your users. We dissect their behavior to the tiniest pieces to create best bespoke solutions. We backtest your idea to make sure it stands strong over time and survives the crowd of users who generally have an attention span of a few seconds. This is how web design and UX should work together. 

Wireframing and prototyping

TRIARE’s high-fidelity wireframes reduce ambiguity and serve as blueprints to clearly outline the images of our designers. We lay out the functions of the envisioned product in a schematic way starting with paper sketches and computer graphics.

Visual design

Our bespoke designs create a whole visual identity. We address your user’s needs and tap into the pulse of your target audience. Our team achieves it through the master usage of mind maps, market research, use cases, and mood boards.

Experience and interaction 

Remarkable design in IT products is crucial and will ultimately help you elevate customer satisfaction. Our designers will tailor your brand precisely to delight the target audiences. Thorough extensive competitor analysis is only part of our deliverables that also include elevator pitches, prototypes, digital roadmaps, and beyond.

TRIARE has multidisciplinary teams to identify and execute innovative, reliable digital experiences. As a bespoke company, we enable brands to connect deeply with users. We apply methodologies including benchmarking, journey mapping and usability testing to gain valuable insights. From concept to actualization, our streamlined bespoke services provide unique web experiences that empower brands to evolve. We work with you to identify and create a visual design that highlights your brand philosophies.


Our rapid prototyping processes help you go from zero to concept in days, enabling a test and learn mentality. 



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