How to inject more fun into the office

inject more fun into the office

As the number of people returning to the workplace increases and we return to a new normal, we thought we’d share with you some simple ways to inject more fun into the office. We also have some surprising stats the Rotherham-based poster printing specialist instantprint found when they conducted a back-to-work survey.  

With the survey stating that only a fifth of respondents are ready to get back to the office, perhaps it’s time that offices are given a shake-up. Maybe a bit of fun is what’s needed to entice employees back to the workplace.

Create a photo and poster wall

While many people lost their jobs during the pandemic, many found themselves with new jobs. Having never met their colleagues face to face before, heading to the office can be a daunting prospect – and getting to know colleagues can feel like an interview in itself.

Creating a photo gallery with all the employees and a small bio underneath each one is a great way to help people get to know their new team. You can even print out instantprint’s “Which brew are you?” poster and have everyone put their name under the brew hue that suits their taste buds! 

Make a games room

We know we can only focus for a short amount of time before our concentration, and therefore our productivity, dwindles. To help people relax and get ready to refocus, why not create a games room? Adding games that require physical activity like table tennis or snooker can also help keep employees moving. 

Bring a pet to work 

More than three million UK households got a pet during lockdown and one in 10 people admitted that leaving their animal at home is one of their biggest concerns about heading back to work. Introducing a ‘bring a pet to work day’ is a great way for employees to be with their furry or feathered friends and help socialise new pets that might have had limited contact with other people and animals. 

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Of course, you’ll need to check that staff members with allergies are given an advanced warning and that the office is set up for animals – and, of course, that the pets are house-trained. 

Have pamper days

Given that most office workers spend the majority of their day sitting down, bad posture and back pain is becoming a growing concern. To help your employees’ posture as well as reduce stress levels, you could introduce monthly pamper days where massages, reflexology and even gentle yoga sessions are available to book throughout the day. 


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