How to Integrate High Quality Platipus Gaming Products


Starting a casino business is a great idea for those seeking ways to earn online. However, with the level of competition in the industry, it might become challenging for new business owners to compete with the old dogs of the industry.

As a newbie, searching for quality game products to integrate into your platform might be another challenge for you. Players are after valuable casino games that promise fun and excitement. It’ll be difficult for such players to come back to your site when they meet crappy games.

Platipus Gaming products are available to provide original and quality casino games. You’ll also get other amazing features to make players’ stay on your site memorable. This article highlights what Platipus Gaming products are and how you can integrate this casino solution into your platform. 

What Are Platipus Gaming Products?

Platipus Ltd. is an international game development studio based in the UK. The company specializes in creating HTML5 titles for the online gambling industry. Platipus is known for creativity, innovation, and elegance in creating casino solutions for business owners. With Platipus gaming solution, you’ll get top-rated casino games, including table games, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and slot titles. When it comes to entertainment, fun, and customer satisfaction, Platipus ranks high. 

Advantages of Using Platipus Gaming Products

Your casino business stands to gain a lot if you choose to use the Platipus gaming solution for your casino platform. Some of the advantages include: 

  • Single API Integration: With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to set up your casino platform using the Platipus casino solution. The solution is compatible with third-party platforms to give you a robust casino site.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Players can easily play games using any device of their choice. The quality of the game will not reduce, and it will fit the screen size perfectly.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Customer support agents are readily available to assist with any part of the process. Resolutions are usually done within 24 business hours, except for complicated cases. 
  • Multi-Lingual: The games provided by Platipus have been translated into several languages. This means that people from different locations can access the games. 
  • Customizable iGaming Platform: You can change the setting to suit your style and fancy. The solution also comes with different pre-designed themes you can choose from. 
  • Latest Technology: Platipus uses modern technologies for all products. The games are developed using HTML5 technology to ensure that it is responsive. 
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How to Integrating Platipus Gaming Solutions Into Your Casino Platform

We’ve provided steps you can follow to start your casino business using the Platipus Gaming Solutions. 

Start by Planning

It would help if you started by setting a target for your business. You can then follow up with adequate research to know more about the market. Your planning phase should include how to source capital, the perfect solution to use, and the best strategy to convert more customers. 

Use the Platipus Software

Although Platipus don’t have so many game titles, it can still boast of having quality games you can choose from. The Platipus software is optimized to run fast, even on slower devices. The casino software allows you to customize and adjust the game settings to suit your brand’s needs. With Platipus Software, you don’t need to start building and developing games from scratch. The process is automated once you begin the process. 

Integrate Other Features

To get a robust casino platform, you must integrate other vital features. One good thing is that Platipus is compatible with different technologies and features. You can easily use the seamless API to integrate other technologies such as payment gateway, casino games from other vendors, live casino features, etc. These features, when available, will boost customer interaction on the platform.

Advertise your business

Using the Platipus solution will not attract customers to your platform if you don’t devise other means. You can start by using the words of your mouth to advertise to the people around you. You can also leverage popular social media platforms. Other alternatives include paid adverts and the use of affiliate agents. 

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Platipus gaming solution grants you the access to get quality casino games. You’ll also be able to offer juicy bonuses to your users. With the smooth integration process it provides, you may not need to worry about starting a casino platform. Apart from the money you’ll be able to save, you’ll also have time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


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