How to Know If Delta-9 Gummies Are Right for You


You might know that you’re ready to enter the world of cannabis, especially if you’re eager to see if you can enjoy some of the many benefits other users claim to experience with various cannabis goods, such as relaxation, reduced pain, and less anxiety. 

However, when you start researching the different cannabis products on the market, you’ll quickly realize that there are numerous options to choose from, and not all will suit your unique needs or preferences. Many beginners start with gummies, and you might believe they are the best choice for you when you can relate to some of the following statements:   

You Want Something Stronger Than Delta-8

Delta-8 products are usually an excellent option for beginner cannabis product users, especially as many people say they feel relaxed after consuming them. However, you might be more inclined to seek out a Delta-9 gummy product at your local hemp business if you don’t tend to find that Delta-8 gummies take the edge off quite enough. 

For example, you might be feeling stressed and follow the recommended dosage for Delta-8 gummies. That might be enough for most users, but you might find that Delta-9 packs more of a punch to help you achieve your desired level of relaxation and peace. 

You Don’t Like Smoking

Many people smoke hemp and THC flower with smoking devices and within hand-rolled and pre-rolled joints. Some hemp product users love the hit in the back of the throat and how the smoke makes them feel. 

However, that’s not everyone’s experience. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking altogether or don’t like how smoking makes you feel, gummies might be a far more suitable option. Rather than inhaling Delta-9, you can consume it through a delicious gummy product, which is available in a range of taste bud-tantalizing flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and cherry. 

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You Want to Be Discreet

Discretion is not typically possible when smoking a pre-rolled joint or vaping. You can produce so much smoke and vapor that anyone in your general vicinity can both see and smell what you’re doing. This can present a problem in a public environment or when you’re around people who don’t agree with the 2018 Farm Bill’s hemp legalization and all it represents. 

Discretion might not be possible with smoking and vaping, but it is with gummy products and other cannabis edibles. You can simply put a bag or container of edibles in your bag and pull out a piece whenever you feel like you need it. To anyone around you, it can look like you’re snacking on candy or having a bite to eat because you’re hungry. 

You Want Something Quick and Easy

When you’re in a hurry or don’t want to spend your precious time cleaning tools and preparing devices, you might not think you can enjoy any cannabis products and some of the benefits you believe they offer. 

However, gummies prove that theory false. You can buy a bag or bottle of gummies from a local cannabis business, read the dosage instructions, and consume them as needed. Unlike vape and smoke products, they are a quick and easy option that requires no maintenance, cleaning, or tools. 

You’re Looking for Something Palatable

Most cannabis smokers get used to the taste of hemp flower with time, but that doesn’t mean everyone will. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and it can sometimes feel like you have to miss out on the many potential benefits because you don’t like how hemp tastes. 

However, regardless of your THC and CBD use history, gummies are exceptionally palatable. Manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure an appropriate balance of the natural earthiness of hemp to natural fruit flavors found in a wide range of confectionery products. 

You Want to Experience Health Benefits

There is not yet enough evidence to say that, without a doubt, consuming Delta-9 gummies will provide health benefits. In saying that, many people who have consumed gummies and other CBD and THC products swear by them to feel some of the following effects. o 

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Many people find that CBD and THC products help them to feel relaxed. When you feel at ease and content, you aren’t always as anxious and stressed and might find falling asleep easier. In studies, people given 7.5mg of THC were less stressed after a psychosocial test than those given a placebo. They also reported that their stress levels reduced quicker after the test. 

Reduced Pain

It’s not always easy to experience relief from pain, even with pain medication prescribed by a doctor. However, many people use THC products for pain relief and believe it helps. According to a patient survey, pre-treatment pain on a 0-10 scale was 7.8 but fell to 2.8 after receiving THC. This equaled an average pain reduction of 64%.

Decreased Nausea

Dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy can sometimes be equally as traumatic as the cancer itself. Many people experience vomiting and nausea, which can often take its toll on mental health and physical well-being. 

However, preliminary results from a world-first trial funded by the NSW government in Australia found that people experienced significant nausea and vomiting improvements after consuming medicinal cannabis. At least one-quarter of patients who took medicinal cannabis had no vomiting and nausea compared to 14% who had a placebo

Improved Sleep

Many people struggle to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, even with sleep medication and improved sleep hygiene. However, based on the same patient survey from above, at least 45% of participants noted better sleep patterns after consuming THC products. 

Lower Depression Levels

While there isn’t enough evidence to say that THC and cannabis products will help depression, some studies are showing promise in this area. One study published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal found that the study participants who used cannabis reported lower levels of depression than people who didn’t. They also reported better quality of life, better sleep, less pain, and fewer depression symptoms of clinical concern. 

You might not know whether Delta-9 gummies and other cannabis products are right for you until you try them. However, if you can relate to any of these situations above, you might find they’re more suitable for your needs than the many other CBD and THC products on the market. 


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