How to launch your own online lottery platform?

lottery platform

Do you know someone who plays lotteries? Or maybe you are actually one of the enthusiasts of the great excitement that can be experienced when playing the greatest lotteries in the world? If you have played a lottery platform at least once, you certainly know that it’s a lot of fun and a chance to score huge winnings. Lotteries enjoy huge popularity all around the world. In the last year alone, the lottery ticket sales reached whole 279,000,000,000 dollars. That’s much more than the annual revenue of the Hollywood movie industry!

A growing number of players take advantage of the option to buy lottery tickets online. The Internet is full of lottery platforms that generate profits for their owners. The platforms usually intermediate in selling tickets from third party lotteries, but there are also platforms that offer their own lotteries on top of that. How to launch an online lottery platform?

Lottery software – a ready-made lottery software

The easiest and cheapest way to launch your own lottery platform is to utilize a ready-made lottery software. A ready-made lottery solution makes it possible to save time, as well as money, because you don’t need to build a platform from scratch. It would take a lot of time and work of professional (and expensive!) developers and graphic designers. When it comes to ready-made software – most of it is already done, all you have to do is adjust different settings and features to the expectations and needs of a particular client. It takes a lot less time and requires lower amount of work, which means smaller investment is needed.

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One example of a ready-made lottery solution used by numerous companies is the software created by WhiteLotto. It is utilized by such brands as or, among others. The lottery platform from the WhiteLotto company makes it possible to sell tickets for third-party lotteries, as well as offer your own lotteries, such as raffle or keno with your own rules, for example.

A client who buys a ready-made lottery solution received help from the software authors, who personalize the platform based on the client’s expectations. It is possible to create a unique graphic design, logo, to tailor various features to the needs of the new owner of the platform. At the initial stage of work, the owner of the new lottery platform is tasked with choosing the color scheme, brand’s name and the Internet domain, specifying their expectations about the logo, colors, language versions. All of the technical aspects, like full preparations for the software to operate as a 100% safe and functional lottery platform, are taken care of by specialists who know the software like the back of their hand.

Selling lottery tickets on the Internet

Launching your own lottery platform based on a modern lottery solution makes it possible to sell tickets for the greatest lotteries in the world. The above mentioned WhiteLotto software offers about 30 popular lotteries, such as Powerball, Eurojackpot, GG World Lottery, Mega Sena or EuroMillions and Mega Millions. Huge rollovers in these lotteries attract lottery fans and make the best advertisement for every lottery platform.

If you decide to launch a lottery platform and it will be available in multiple languages (the WhiteLotto software offers about 40 languages), make sure to adequately promote your business, utilize large rollovers to promote the platform on social media, message boards or in Google Ads – you will notice very soon that the investment has paid for itself and is now starting to generate impressive profits. Ticket sales are already possible from the first day of the platform’s operation, and promotional activities can actually be already performed when the works on launching your lottery ticket website are still under way.

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Are you interested in your own lottery platform and starting the lottery business? Learn more about the WhiteLotto lottery solution and join the ranks of businesspeople who are already collecting the fruits of their labor thanks to the huge popularity of lotteries around the world. You can be your own boss and create your safe future thanks to the best lottery software of 2020. Your lottery platform can grow and bring you joy, satisfaction and a lot of money. Are you ready for this?


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