How to Maintain your HD Lace Wigs: 10 Dos and Don’ts

HD Lace Wigs
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It’s not surprising that the hair extension community has been so excited over HD lace wigs, and deservedly so. HD lace wigs create an invisible and natural hairline that looks similar to natural hair. The real confidence booster is being unable to differentiate between the wig and the natural hair.

Although highly beneficial, HD lace wigs are expensive and require specific care and treatment. Yes, it is much closer to the real thing; however, you need to learn how to care for it like a pro to ensure durability. And you can find out more hd lace wig collection at UNice wigs.

5 Essential Dos For Maintaining HD Lace Wigs

  • Proper Storage Is The Key

This shouldn’t be surprising, especially for HD wigs. The proper storage of any product increases its shelf life. HD lace wigs are better stored on a mannequin head to prevent tangling and cracking. While braiding and or styling into a ponytail sound like a good solution, it isn’t always the best.

Besides, storing them on a mannequin’s head makes it easier to style and use the next morning, providing a stress-free option for you.

  • Wash With Cold Water And Mild Shampoo

Cold water and mild shampoo are quite effective in cleaning HD lace wigs. Not all shampoos work well on wigs. Many contain chemicals and compounds that can cause irreparable damage to your wig because most are designed for natural hair. 

Shampoos without sulfate are often the best option in this scenario because they perform deep cleaning without causing serious damage to the hair texture of the wig.

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You should note that hair and wig cleaning are two different processes. Some practices good for natural hair might be detrimental to your wig. Soak your wig for a few minutes in cold water before applying shampoo. Apply the shampoo thoroughly with the help of a wig comb.

Hold the wig using the centre and dip it into the water. Repeat the process until the wig is clean and fresh. After thorough washing, pat it dry with a towel. Transfer the wig to a mannequin and allow it to dry out.

  • Gentle And Regular Combing Is Essential

Even with natural hair, combing is very important. Regular combing loosens knots that can become twisted and difficult to lose over time. The result is a nicer and smoother hair free of entanglement.

When it comes to HD wigs, your combing technique should be gentle to avoid breakage. The best practice is to start combing from the lower section and move upwards. Another good practice is to comb after each use or before storing.

  • Proper Glue Removal Is Important

No! water and shampoo won’t remove glue from your HD lace; rather, they can cause untold damage. It is important to remove any traces of wig glue before carrying out cleaning and other maintenance practices.

Once wig glue gets entangled in the hair, they are quite impossible to clean and eventually causes the lace to lose its adhesive abilities. Moreover, it is better to find other options to properly secure your wig besides a wig glue, especially if you are prone to overheating.

  • Employ Professional Care

Rather than styling your wig, it is better to take it to a professional or salon that specializes in wig care. They are better informed about your wig’s style, texture, and proper maintenance, especially when your wigs are made of human hair material weaves. Remember, your wig doesn’t have the luxury of growing back when you cut it or carry out other extreme maintenance.

5 Simple Don’ts For HD Lace Wigs Maintenance

  • Don’t Expose Your Wig To Extreme Heat 

Like natural hair, prolonged exposure to extreme heat will cause irreparable damage to your wig. While the natural hair can still withstand a certain level of heat, it is better to avoid it for wigs.

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Natural drying is much preferable to blow-dry to avoid the over-  of wigs. While it’s important to style your wig, avoid using curling iron and straightener, especially when you want your wig to last long.

  • Avoid Wearing Your HD Wig To The Pool

Pools contain chlorine and some chemicals that are dangerous even to natural hair. A wig in the pool will cause the hair to dry out quickly. This results in entangled knots that take a long time to smoothen. Even with that, the hair can become damaged during the detangling process.

You should normalize entering the pool with a swimming cap while your wig is stored somewhere safe and without extreme heat. Doing this not only keep the wig in perfect condition but also keeps your look perfect after swimming.

  • Don’t Wash Your HD Lace Wig Regularly

You may not be aware, but regular washing does not equate to good maintenance. Washing the HD lace wigs after each use will damage it beyond repair and make it wear out quickly. While natural hair requires regular washing to keep it clean and fresh, wigs are not such high maintenance.

Wig cleaning depends on the frequency of wear, but regardless, it should be clean once in 1-2 months. This way, the wig’s integrity, and durability are preserved.

  • Don’t Bath With Your Wig

Although it may sound like a cool idea at first, bathing with your wig is a big No. There is a proper way of cleaning the wigs, and it doesn’t involve bathing. Regular washing destroys the integrity of wigs; unlike natural hair, they don’t have the luxury of natural oils secreted by the body. Also, never keep your wig on when it is raining, especially when you don’t have a proper protective cover or cap.

  • Don’t Sleep With Your Wig

As you sleep, you move a lot, which can cause your wig to get tangled. Trying to detangle or remove the knots takes time and can be stressful.


Wigs are easier and cheaper to maintain but only with the right practice. While you want your wig as natural-looking as possible, you also want it to last longer. It’s amazing how these simple yet essential practices produce a good-looking wig while prolonging the lifespan.


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