How To Make A Food Lover’s Gift Basket

Food Lover's Gift Basket

Gift hampers are consistently popular and a remarkable concept for a gift.  Individuals love to be given gift baskets.  Creating your own food lover’s gift hamper is cheap and easy.  The hamper can be filled with a range of inexpensive products and there are a number of different choices.  Additionally, they can be easily customized for each recipient.  Below are ideas that can be used to pamper yourself with a gift hamper or make one for someone special, Lover’s Gift Basket:

How To Make a Food Lover’s Gift Basket

A Beautiful Basket- Lover’s Gift Basket

Start putting together the present from the basket up.  Go for a durable variety that can be reused, whether it is a metallic wire option or a woven leather basket.  In essence, the container you use could include a straw basket, wicker basket, laundry basket, a bucket, plastic container, a tin, a purse, a large teapot or a plastic storage container with a lid underneath the packaging.

For a liner for the gift hamper, you can use shredded paper, tissue paper, dish towels, tea towels, kitchen towels, colored towels, hand towels, placemats, colored napkins, or pieces of fabric.  Additionally, you should consider the amount of content you would like to put into the hamper.  If the hamper you are making is for a family or couple, you should use a larger container.  If you are creating a gift hamper for one person, go for a single-serving style that is not overwhelming.

Fresh Fruit

Add freshness and color to your hamper with fresh fruit.  The fruits you can use in the basket include:

  • Oranges
  • Bananas 
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Pineapple 
  • Strawberries 
  • Kiwis
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You could also include exotic citrus, particularly in special varieties such as sumo or kishu mandarins, pink lemons and pomelos.  A great idea involves putting a variety of fruits in different colors, sizes and shapes into the hamper to maximize the visual impact.

Coffee and Tea

The coffee included could be a bag from a favorite local roaster or you can allow the recipient to try a selection of beans from a coffee subscription service.  There is also the option of throwing in a new-wave instant coffee or a travel mug.  For the tea lover, you can consider including herbal tea, green tea, flavored teas, specialty tea and a tea infuser.


Including some fancy chocolate will definitely make your food lover’s basket even sweeter.  Whether in the form of an oversized bar (in designer packaging), chocolate bites or a jar of chocolate spread, chocolate in a gift hamper is a staple for a good reason and this reason is that everybody loves it.


Wine is a wonderful addition to a gift hamper.  This is because no pressure is there on the recipient to immediately drink it.  Additionally, when left unopened, the right wine could actually improve with age.  This is an indication that the recipient can experience it at a time of his or her choosing, without the stress of an expiration date.


Adding different types of cheeses to the gift hamper is a remarkable idea. One of the reasons for this is that most cheeses can sit in the fridge of the recipient for days or even weeks in anticipation of the ideal moment for him or her to dive in.  This is an indication that your loved one will not only think about you when the gift hamper is received but he or she will have thoughts of love and appreciation every time a piece of cheese is eaten.  The variety could include Jack cheese and Asiago cheese.

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On their own, homemade jams are an incredible addition to gift hampers.  They are delights that can be enjoyed with afternoon tea or coffee and so much more.  However, if you are not one to whip up your own batch of jam, you can be assured that many companies make delectable jars of these delights that your recipient is sure to enjoy.   You could go for raspberry jam, strawberry jam, wild plum jam or even add some Caribbean flavor with some guava jam.

Specialty Crackers

Add some crunch to the gift hamper with some salty, savory crackers.  After all, they are going to be needed to transport the jam and cheese into the mouth of the recipient. Try crackers flavored with citrus fruits, or even push the envelope with something spicy. You could also consider salty, onion-flavored flatbread crackers for the hamper.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has a unique way of making a gift feel both practical and special.  You can go for one that comes in an eye-catching container.  There are some extra-virgin olive oils that have a minimalist design and some that come with an olive oil cruet, making the inclusion even much more special.

Savory Accouterments

Perk up the basket with a collection of savory spices and condiments that can be used throughout the year in his or her cooking.  Include some fancy varieties of pantry staples such as flaky salt, whole grain mustard and soy sauce.  To go above and beyond his or her wildest expectations, include an attractive salt cellar.


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