How to Make and Style a Low Fade

a Low Fade

A low fade is made by shaving the sides and the lower back of the head that is close to the neck such that it is shorter than the hair at the top of the head. There are so many other fades but the low fade stands out as it is very classic and can be rocked on all hair types and all face shapes.

Creating a low fade is not a complicated thing and does not need a stylist to make it as you can do it on your own. So, where do you start when creating a low fade? We have compiled a step-by-step process on what to do until you get your desired hairstyle. Take a look.

The Procedure To Follow

  • Properly comb the hair to remove all tangles and straighten them. This makes the shaving process easy as the hair is in its natural state. Make a curved line using the clippers on the sides of the head and check if the line balances on both sides.
  • Decide on the size of hair you want for both the top and the sides of your head. Use the right blade number to cut the hair at the top of the head depending on the size that you want.
  • Use this blade number to shave just above where you made the fade line. Make regular pauses during shaving to check if the length of the hair is even on the shaven part of the head.
  • Make sure that you use a brush to clean your clipper after each shave. This ensures that the clipper is not clogged with hair which causes uneven shaving.
  • Change the size of the blade when you start to shave the area below the curved line that you made. This is the main focus of the low fade. The blade used to shave this area should be smaller in size than the one used on the top part of the head.
  • Shave the hair horizontally which is against the grain in order to ensure that all hair that is laid down has been shaved.
  • Highlight the curved fade line such that there is a visible difference between the two haircuts.
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When making a low fade there are some important things to consider. The following are some of the tips you can use in order to make a perfect fade;

Style a Low Fade

Choosing the Position of the Fade Line

This is one of the major determinants of how your fade will look. Choosing the position of your fade line is actually the first thing that you should do when making a low fade. The perfect way of ensuring that the fade line is perfect is by drawing a V shape on the exact place where you want the fade to begin.

The Fading Technique To Use

There are several ways of creating a fade. They include:

  • Top-down

This technique is where hair is shaven from the top of the head downwards. This technique is for a formal look as there is no clear fade line that differentiates the hair variations. It is the best style to use when you want to conceal your hair insecurities.

  • Bottom-up

Shaving your hair from the bottom of the head upwards helps to create a difference between the fade and the top part of your head.

  • Middle Out

This is actually the best shaving technique that highlights it perfectly. After making it, shave the bottom and upper part of your head separately. It helps to maintain the density of your hair as the hair is shaved in the way that it lays.

Style a Low Fade

Control the Clipper

How you hold the clipper is what determines how your low fade will look. Firmly hold it by placing your thumb on the upper part and two fingers at the bottom so that you can cut the hair evenly.

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Once you change blades, ensure that they are properly fixed. A well-fixed blade is not shaky and makes even cuts on the hair. This gives you assurance that you will get the style that you intended.


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