How to make Duo calls with Google Home smart speakers?


Google is finally rolling-out Duo voice call to its range of Home speakers. Users can now make and receive calls with other Duo users on their smart speakers.

The feature is already available on the company’s smart displays and is now being extended to smart speakers including the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. It is currently only available in English in the United States, and calls are only possible between Duo users.

How it set it up and use the Duo to make calls, you ask? Well, we’re here to tell you all about it.

How to make Duo calls with Google Home smart speakers?
How to make Duo calls with Google Home smart speakers?

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 How to make calls using Duo on Google Home smart speaker

 To start a call with your smart speaker all you need to say is “Call (contact) on Duo.” To hang up, say “Hang up,” or “End the call.” During the call, you can also mute it by saying “Mute call,” or “Unmute call.”

How to make calls on Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Home Max

When receiving calls you can use voice commands, too. You can say “OK, Google, answer the call,” or “OK, Google, decline the call.” Touch commands vary a little, depending on what smart speaker you’re using.

With Google Home, you tap and hold the top to decline a call and tap it to answer a call. To answer with Home Max, tap the line on the top or side and press and hold the line to decline a call.

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For Google Home Mini, tap the side of the device to answer and tap and hold to decline a call.

Google Home hub

To call a Google device in your home, you say “OK, Google, call [device name]. To make a broadcast to all of your devices say “OK, Google, tell everyone,” and continue saying your message.


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